I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away, but baby I just need one good one to stay.”

That’s the chorus on Lady Gaga’s newly released song, “Million Reasons”, and now all you Little Monsters out there have a million new reasons to get excited about Mother Monster’s new album.

Source: Interscope

Following the released of the driving, electro-rock “Perfect Illusion“, this latest promotional single is the 2nd song lifted from her upcoming LP, “Joanne”. The single is perhaps inspired by her reason breakup with former fiancé Taylor Kinney. “All these men – my dad, my boyfriends, all the men in my life – they give me a million reasons, but I just need one good one to stick around,” Gaga said.


Hillary Lindsey, who has an impressive resume of penning country megahits like “Jesus Take The Wheel” and “Girl Crush”, co-wrote the song with Gaga. Although “Million Reasons” has a tinge of country feel to it, the songwriter assures fans that Gaga’s album will certainly not be a country album “by any stretch of the imagination”.

Just in case fans wanted to sing along to the track, Gaga also took to Twitter to post the song lyrics for “Million Reasons”. Check it out:


Describing “Million Reasons” as “a country song mixed with funk and rock ‘n’ roll with shades of hip-hop in the mix as well”, Gaga opened up to Yahoo! about her working experience with Lindsey, saying, “I wanted to sit together, play her some of the music, and write with another woman — and write with a woman that was sort of in the centre of the type of women, and men, that I wanted to speak to with this music.”

So what was so wonderful was when we sat down and started working, it was like this instant connection that we had. We’re two girls that are so different — she grew up somewhere so different from me, and you’d think that maybe we’d never get along, that it would never work — but somehow we created these songs together,” she added.

Listen to the heartfelt ballad below:

UPDATE (15th December, 10:30am):

The music video is finally out!

The clip picks up right where her “Perfect Illusion” video left off and throughout the video, the pop icon can be seen wearing a full pink cowboy-inspired suit, singing while playing the guitar.


Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” is due out on 21st October.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone.

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