Who knew that making roti canai can make one famous?

During this year’s Chinese new year, photos of 2 hunky “bak kwa” sellers from Kluang, Johor went viral and recently, social media is abuzz with a video of a cute girl making roti canai.

Source: Siakapkeli
Source: Siakapkeli

The girl, whoose name is Fatin Farhana Mohd Suad, is 17 years old and her mum owns Roti Canai Kak Ros, a small stall located at Bidor, Perak. It was revealed that Fatin helps out her mom, Rosmawati Che Omar, at the shop frequently.


“My mom taught me how to make roti canai and she said that in order to make a delicious roti canai, hand and palm movements must be gentle,” she said.

As at time of writing, Fatin’s video, which was posted 4 days ago, has been viewed over 36,000 times on Instagram.


While many praised her for her sweet looks and for being a good daughter, others criticised her for “wanting to be famous”, saying that she posted up the video on purpose.

In response to that, Fatin shared her thoughts in a separate Instagram post. She said:

Assalammualaikum Kepada Semua. Sila Baca Dan Faham okay. Atin nk ckp at korang..Atin tolong mak atin bkn sbb nk menunjk sna sini..Atin ikhlas Tolong mak atin..Smpai atin bhnti smua keje sbb nk tolong mak atin. hope korang faham k..Sebelum ni Ade owg yng busuk hati! smpai kedai kitaowg kena roboh! dengki betul mnusia ni..Tapi sekarang Alhamdulillah Allah buka kan rezeki Tuk Family atin. Atin rasa amat bersyukur.”

(Translation: “Hello everyone. Please read and understand okay. I want to tell you that I help my mum not because I want to prove anything. I’m helping my mum sincerely, to the point where I would drop everything to help her. I hope all of you will understand. Before this, there were bad people and our stall was destroyed! They were jealous. But thank god its (stall) now open again. I feel very thankful.”)



Sources: Siakap Keli, The Hive.

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