Will we be seeing another EXO member leave the group?

Vocalist D.O (real name Do Kyungsoo) has been embroiled in rumours about him leaving EXO, which caused a stir amongst online communities of EXO-Ls.

Source: KnownPeople
Source: KnownPeople

The rumour first surfaced in September, when the singer-cum-actor sat out of the group’s advertisement for “Skechers” and a Hawaii workshop without prior notice. And now, the rumours are circulating on the interwebs again after an incident yesterday (Wednesday, 5th October).


EXO was scheduled to take a flight back to Korea after their concert in Japan, however, while the rest of the members arrived safely at the airport, D.O was nowhere to be seen. This prompted fans to speculate, as according to the group’s official schedule calendar, D.O does not have any activities or promotions for the time being.


Fans are worried, as according to several veteran fans, idols would continue their stay in a foreign country only if they have overseas schedules, is on a secret dating trip, or if there’s conflict with the group members or company. Korean fans are also claiming that D.O is busy going out with his actor “connections” and prioritises his acting career over singing.

D.O kick started his career as one of the main vocalist of EXO, but since being praised for his acting in the KBS drama “It’s Okay It’s Love” and “Hello Monster”, he has picked up a few more acting jobs. In 2016 alone, he has starred in the movie “Pure Love”, and will be starring in the movie “Brother” and web drama “Positive Physique”.

Source: It's Okay It's Love
Source: It’s Okay It’s Love

We don’t know what’s going on, but we really hope that fans are simply overreacting. We don’t think our hearts could take it if another member exits the group.

Source: allkpop.

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