Talk about marketing game strong!

Last year, Malaysian fitness model Jordan Yeoh was spotted selling durians at a makeshift roadside stall. He was seen opening durians while showing off his ripped body, much to the delight of customers passing by.


Jordan made headlines right after pictures of Taiwanese “tau fu fah” seller Yi Tin Chen took the internet by storm. Let’s just say that the both of them made “hunks selling wares” a thing.


Now, with Chinese New year just around the corner, more “hunks with goods” have been spotted selling goods. In this case, the Chinese New Year favourite “bak kwa” (dried barbecued pork slices).

According to some major Chinese dailies, several photos of 27-year-old Wong Quan Jing and his friend, 25-year-old Fong Tian Li selling and promoting bak kwa in Kluang, Johor have gone viral. The duo, who are friends, are also personal trainers at a fitness centre.


“Our friend came up with this idea to promote his bak kwa after considering the bleak economy outlook this year. We hope to help him increase his sales,” said Wong, adding that they did not expect to become popular online.

Many netizens who shared the post commented on their muscular physique while both Wong and Fong received a flurry of personal messages in their inboxes.

“We also received many orders from outside of Johor. We have no choice but to turn these down because we do not provide courier service. Some also questioned if our bak kwa was clean as we were posing half naked. The thing is, we merely helped to promote it and did not cook the meat,” he added.


Hmm, how badly do you “bak kwa” fans want to eat some “bak wak” right now? Would you buy “bak kwa” from this duo? 😉

Source: AsiaOne.

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