Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have been one of tinsel town’s most adorable couple ever since they tied the knot in April last year.

Fans who have been following the couple on their social media accounts can’t help but wait for them to start a family and have kids. Now it looks like “The Vampire Diaries” star, at least, is more than ready for some mini Somerhalders.

Source: Ian-Somerhalder’s Instagram

In speaking with E! News recently, the handsome actor was asked if there are plans to have babies anytime soon, to which he replied, “Absolutely! I can’t wait“. So what’s stopping the lovebirds from conceiving? Somerhalder cites his commitment to the popular CW television series as being the main reason. “With this schedule, living on a television show, it’s a bit difficult,” he explained.


However, that won’t be for long as “The Vampire Diaries” is about to approach its final season. This might mean more time for Somerhalder and Reed to get started on their baby-making plans. Having said that, saying goodbye to the rest of his TVD family won’t be easy.

You develop these family dynamics here and in this particular situation, once this does end and we yell ‘cut’ on the last scene on the last set up of the last episode, what will be the most difficult is when the family breaks up,” he said.

 Ian Somerhalder
Source: Ian-Somerhalder’s Instagram

Although he’ll be bidding his small screen family adieu, Somerhalder added that he’s looking forward in “starting a new family”.

“The Vampire Diaries” will return to The CW for the series finale on 21st October.

Source: E! News/ Feature image: Brides.

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