For its season finale, “The Vampire Diaries” has plans to bring back some of our favourite characters before singing its swan song.

So perhaps, it comes as no surprise that we’ll once again say hello to Michael Trevino – who will be reprising his role as Tyler Lockwood. Entertainment Weekly reports that the actor is set to appear on the 3rd episode of the upcoming 8th season.

The Vampire Diaries Michael Trevino as Tyler
Source: Bob Mahoney/ The CW

When viewers first saw Tyler in season 1, he was football jock who behave like a jerk. Season 2 introduced us to the Lockwood family werewolf curse, and we saw Tyler evolved as a character. Fast forward 6 seasons later, he’d been a hybrid, a human, and a werewolf. Although he bid farewell in season 6, the actor did return for a brief cameo in season 7 where we learned that he was the one responsible for keeping Elena’s comatose body safe.


Now, Tyler will once again come face-to-face with a mentally unstable Damon, who is spiralling out of control as a result from his time spent in the Armory’s vault. Tyler will try to reason with Damon by reminding what’s at stake. We’re not quite sure about Tyler’s negotiation skills though. And we doubt Damon is going to be in a listening mood.

Speaking of Damon, we also have a sneak peek at the premiere of season 8. Both Damon and his partner in crime, Enzo, roaming the dark streets at night in search of new victims. Check it out below:

The main villain who is possessing the duo will soon be revealed. Meanwhile, Stefan and Bonnie are still on the lookout for Damon and Enzo. Hopefully they’ll be one step closer in finding them.

Besides the aforementioned characters, season 8 will also be introducing a new character named Seline (played by Kristen Gutoskie), who will be Alaric and Caroline’s new nanny for the twins.

Get ready TVD fans cause “The Vampire Diaries” will return to The CW for the series finale on 21st October.

Sources: E! News, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide.

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