Fancy your instant photos in black and white?

Fujifilm is about to make that a reality, as they will be pushing out the “Instax Mini Film Monochrome” this coming October.

Source: Fujifilm
Source: Fujifilm

In an official statement, the company explained:


The ‘Instax Mini Film Monochrome’ responds to the increasingly sophisticated demands of users, enabling them to expand the artistic potential of their photographic expression and adding a further dimension of fun to using Instax cameras and films.

As with all Instax products, each box will include a total of 10 monochromatic films.

Source: Peta Pixel
Source: Peta Pixel

Fujifilm has stated that the film will be released simultaneously worldwide, but it is unsure if Malaysian consumers will be able to buy it right after its official launch. The prices for the films have not been decided on too, but one thing’s sure: our instant photos will never be the same again.

We can’t wait for October to come!

Do you guys look forward to having your instant photos printed in black and white?

Source: Fujifilm.

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