I AMs (as 2AM’s fans are lovingly known as) have been patiently waiting for 2AM’s new album, but would a comeback be possible in the near future?

Well, member Jinwoon seems to think so. In a recent interview with Korean media outlet Daily Sports, the singer talked about various issues related to the vocal idol group, and revealed that it would not be impossible for them to release an album.

Source: Mystic Entertainment
Source: Mystic Entertainment

The 25-year-old explained that the members do meet frequently, and that there is “not even 0.1%” chance that 2AM will disband. “We’re a vocal group, so wherever there’s music, we can always release an album. We have no reason to fight and we know what each other’s thoughts are,” explained Jinwoon, who recently made his solo comeback with “Will“.


The 2AM members also talk about releasing a new album “quite often”, as they are on very good terms with each other. However, they’re facing difficulties as 4 of them are currently under different agencies. But Jinwoon hopes that their companies “would quickly pull out all the stops” so that an album could materialise.

Source: Korea Times
Source: Korea Times

On the change of agencies for 3 of the members (Jinwoon, Changmin, and Seulong), he said:

The kind of music that each of us wanted to do was different, so naturally our agencies became different. We never said it out loud but we were all probably thinking it. That there is no company that would fulfill all four of our musical preferences.”

Jinwoon also revealed that the 2AM member whom he is closest to is Seulong, and they have met so often that he’s “about to get sick of his (Seulong’s) face”. However, they do not meet up with Jokwon and Changmin frequently as the 2 singers are busy.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

After their contracts expired in 2014, the members of 2AM signed with various companies, but JYP Entertainment assured fans that the ballad group wasn’t breaking up.

Maknae Jinwoon signed with Mystic Entertainment (home to Brown Eyed Girls) in April last year, while Seulong selected Sidus HQ (home to Kim Woo Bin) as his label, and Changmin went with Big Hit Entertainment (home to Bangtan Boys). Leader Jo Kwon was the only one who stayed with JYP Entertainment.

Source: soompi

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