Reports have surfaced that 2AM may disband due to Jinwoon’s and Seulong’s decisions to depart from JYP Entertainment. But before you start panicking over 2AM’s possible disbandment, you need to stay calm and read what really happened to the members.

The truth is, the Korean boy group is still very much intact. The only difference is that the members will begin working under different entertainment agencies instead. Confused? Here, let us explain it to you.



2AM is a South Korean 4-member idol group who made their debut on 11th July 2008 under JYP Entertainment. The group consists of Jokwon, Changmin, Jinwoon, and Seuloong. It is one of the 2 subgroups branched out from the 11-member (before Jay Park’s departure) boy band “One Day”, the other being 2PM. While the other group is known for their synchronised choreographies, 2AM is best known for their powerful vocals. Seulong even collaborated with Avicii for the Korean version of “Levels”.

Now that they are entering the 8th year as part of the idol group, Jinwoon and Seuloong decided to leave for new agencies after their contracts expired. Jokwon decided to renew the contract with JYP while Changmin still has 7 months left until the expiry date of his contract.

Regarding their current situation, an affiliate of JYP said:

Jo Kwon decided to renew his contract with JYP. Lim Seulong and Jung Jin Woon decided to leave for another agency. Lee Chang Min’s contract with JYP ends in July and Big Hit Entertainment has been in charge of his management.

It was reported that Seulong has signed with SidusHQ to focus on his acting career while Jinwoon is at the final stage of signing a contract with Mystic Entertainment. They will be promoting as singers and actors at the same time. Jokwon will continue to focus his activities in music and musicals.

Though the members will be in different agencies, JYP Entertainment said in a statement that the band is not disbanding.


A JYP rep stated:


There is still possibility for 2AM to promote together. The g.o.d members also promote together although they are in different agencies. The 2AM members are also very close to each other, so there is a high chance for them to carry out group activities.

Considering how they will carry out their own solo activities in the future, it is still very unclear how they are going to promote together under different agencies.

However, it is true that the members are very close to each other as they were rarely caught up in rumours of conflicts. When they were promoting their new album “Over the Destiny” in 2014, they also mentioned that “there will absolutely be no team disbandment”. Thus, they will most likely come together as a group again when necessary.


Meanwhile, fans of 2PM can breathe a sigh of relief as all the members of 2PM have decided to renew their contracts with JYPE. They will continue working as an idol group until 2018.

A representative of JYP Entertainment said:

Every member of 2PM has completed the renewal of their contract. The duration of the contract spans from January of this year to January of 2018. Around fall of last year, we discussed the contract renewal with the 2PM members. All of the members expressed their desire to re-sign, so they renewed together.

What do you think of 2AM’s decisions? Will you still support them? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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