2AM’s Jinwoon finally made his solo comeback with “Will”, but some fans might be taken aback, as this rockstar-side of Jinwoon isn’t something that fans are accustomed with.

“Will” is the title track of the maxi single of the same name, and includes 2 more songs, “Trick” featuring guitarist Shin Dae Chul and “Flower” featuring Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyuna. Jinwoon participated actively in the album, as he co-composed and co-produced all 3 songs.

Source: Mystic Entertainment
Source: Mystic Entertainment

In the music video, Jinwoon can be seen dressed up in an 80s flared pants while singing in a boxed-up studio. In certain scenes, the talented singer also showed off his guitar-playing and dancing skills.


Telling fans to “shake (their) heads more“, Jinwoon promises to make fans “shout out louder” and “go crazy” in the lyrics of the headbanging tune. The lighting and camerawork were also fully utilised in order to present a disco-ish feeling to the music video.

Regarding his latest music video concept, Jinwoon said:

I heard ‘no’ 99% of the time (while I was at JYP and Big Hit Entertainment). Everything was denied.

He further explained that the change to Mystic Entertainment did good for him, stating:

I really changed my music. After wondering how I can appeal to listeners, I came up with my music now.

Watch the music video here:

After their contract expired in 2014, the members of 2AM signed with various other companies, but JYP Entertainment assured fans that the ballad group wasn’t breaking up.


Maknae Jinwoon signed with Mystic Entertainment (home to Brown Eyed Girls) in April last year, while Seulong selected Sidus HQ (home to Kim Woo Bin) as his label, and Changmin went with Big Hit Entertainment (home to Bangtan Boys). Leader Jo Kwon was the only one who stayed with JYP Entertainment.

For more details, visit Mystic Entertainment’s official website and Facebook page.

Source: allkpop.

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