Guess what y’all?! The 2 “Sherlock Holmes” actors are about to come face-to-face in Marvel Studios’ upcoming blockbuster “Doctor Strange”. If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr.

After the events of “Captain America: Civil War“, Tony Stark could really use some new friends, since many of his allies had cut ties with him following the dissolvement of The Avengers. Now, word on the street has it that the playboy philanthropist may be making a brief cameo in Doctor Strange’s first cinematic adventure.

iron-man-doctor-strange Hobby Consolas
Source: Hobby Consolas

This latest info comes courtesy of Jason’s The Angry Ginger who tweeted out the following message: “It appears as if my little spies have bagged me a scoop! Tony Stark may have a cameo in #DoctorStrange.” His “spoiler” should, of course, be taken with a grain of salt since we don’t know how reliable his “little spies” are.


While Marvel has not confirmed it, it is likely that fans will be seeing Downey Jr. as Tony Stark rather than Iron Man. Fans are also speculating that Stark may show up in the movie’s post credit scene, perhaps to hand out an official invitation for Doctor Strange to join The Avengers. With “Infinity War” looming near, what better ally to have on your side than The Sorcerer Supreme.

cumberbatch-downey-jr doctor strange Digital Spy
Source: Digital Spy

“Doctor Strange” is set to unleash a new kind of mystical powers, and we can bet that Stephen Strange would have a darn good time blowing Stark’s mind with his all-mighty magic. Or alternatively, they could compare on who’s the best Sherlock Holmes between the 2 of them 😉

Besides the possibility of Downey Jr. appearing in “Doctor Strange“, the 51-year-old actor has been confirmed to appear in next year’s “Spider-man: Homecoming“.

Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” will cast a spell on audiences when it hits theatres on 4th November 2016.

Sources: Movie Web, Comic Book.

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