People went nuts when the Amazing Spider-Man was included in Marvel’s ever-growing pantheon of superheroes.

In this year’s epic blockbuster “Captain America: Civil War“, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man was recruited to join Tony Stark’s #TeamIronMan in the ultimate superhero brawl. We were shown in the post credit scene where Peter was trying out the new high-tech suit built by Stark, but not much has been revealed about this suit – until now.

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In speaking with Comic Book’s Brandon Davis during the recent San Diego Comic Con, director Jon Watt teased that there may be a few surprises in store for fans with the new suit that Spider-Man will be wearing in the upcoming reboot. “Well, the suit that spidey was given in Civil War is a Stark suit, so you have to wonder with a Stark suit, what else can it do?” the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” helmer coyly hinted.


So what new abilities can we see from Spider-Man, you ask? Look no further than the Iron Spider suit from the comic books. Marc N. Kleinhenz suggests that the most obvious piece of tech Marvel Studios can come up with is the Spider-Tracer, which allows the web crawler to follow his targets by using tiny tracking devices.

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Another possibility includes the spiffy light located in Spider-Man’s utility belt which can be use as a “flashlight, an ultraviolet light projector (for crime-scene investigations), and a Batman-esque signal, which he can project onto walls to scare thugs away”.

Kleinhenz adds that Iron Spider is essentially an Iron Man suit that has many perks such as “bulletproofing, a mask that can allow Peter to breathe underwater and to see in various spectrums (including that nifty UV), the ability to hover or glide, and additional robotic “spider-arms,” which can be utilised in combat or in exploration (they’re equipped with cameras, allowing Spidey to peek around corners)”.

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While Spider-Man’s suit may have some awesome new abilities thanks to the renowned Stark tech, the world that surrounds Peter is very much based on normal everyday America. This is Watt’s thoughts on how Spidey fits into the MCU. “I think of it as the ground floor, like, if the Avengers tower is like the penthouse, and we know what it’s like to be a millionaire billionaire playboy or whatever, to be Tony or what its like to be a God on another planet, like, that’s the penthouse level of the MCU,” explained the director.

Spider-Man is the ground floor. Like what does it look like, what does a high school in the MCU look like, what does riding the subway in the MCU feel like. Spider-Man seems like the perfect opportunity because he’s the most relatable regular person in the cannon that I thought he was a great chance to just show what that angle of the MCU looks like,” he added.

Watch the interview below:

Spider-Man: Homecoming” is expected to swings into theatres on 7th July 2017.


Sources: Comic Book, Screen Rant, Comic Book Movie.

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