I’ll be young forever, we’ll be young forever.”

Soon after dropping the music video for “Think About You“, Jun.K gave fans a nice surprise by releasing the music video for the 4th track in his solo album, “Young Forever“, on V App.jun.k 2pm

The song is composed and written by the singer-songwriter himself and carries a funky beat to it. It is also a complete opposite of his previous release, which was a mellower break-up anthem.


While “Think About You” featured Jun.K in a futuristic setting, the music video for “Young Forever” takes place on a beach and a beach house, showing Jun.K enjoying his time with a female companion. It seems like the singer is fairly confident with his body, as there are a few shirtless scenes in this music video. Nichkhun also makes a short cameo in the music video, so remember to keep your eyes wide open so that you don’t miss him 😉

Watch the music video:

For the high-resolution version, visit 2PM’s official V App channel here.

Several members of 2PM, Chansung, Junho, and Nichkhun, were also present at Jun.K’s solo V App live broadcast. They prepared a cake for their fellow member and Nichkhun even said, “I’m really proud of him. I saw his solo performance just now and I almost cried.” Junho also jokingly added that it was his first time witnessing Jun.K shirtless, adding, “This is my first time ever seeing him shirtless, even though we lived in a dorm together for 6 years and went on tour.

Jun.K first made his debut in 2PM in 2008, and proceeded to release several original soundtracks before advancing to Japan for his promotions. He had several activities and albums during his time in Japan, which propelled him to stardom in the country.

For more info, visit 2PM’s official website and Facebook page.

Source: soompi.

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