I think about you, do you think about me?

Jun.K (준케이) is back with his new track “Think About You”, a sad break-up anthem that features the singer in futuristic get-up. The song was released last night (Monday, 9th August) at 11pm, along with his first full solo album, “Mr. NO“.

Source: 2PM Facebook
Source: 2PM Facebook

The title track was written and composed by the singer-songwriter himself, with help from BOYTOY, a frequent collaborator of JYP Entertainment. The talented 2PM member also participated in the writing and composing for the rest of the 7 songs in the album.


“Think About You” might sound like a generic title for a love song, and well, the music video is somehow cliche too. The music video neither have a storyline nor exciting visuals, but it works well for the track, as Jun.K only wants you to focus on him, and him alone. Dressed up in an all-white attire, Jun.K can be seen dancing and singing throughout the song while lamenting the loss of his love. Halfway through the song, the singer strips naked, so remember to look out for that 😉

Watch the music video here:

Fellow JYP Entertainment labelmate Baek A Yeon and ex-labelmate San E are also featured on the album, with the former singing with Jun.K on the track “Don’t Go (가자마)” and the latter rapping in “NO LOVE Part 2”.

Jun.K, who legally changed his name from Junsu to Minjun in 2012, debuted in 2008 with 2PM. After his debut, he had several original soundtracks under his belt, but it wasn’t until 2011 when he released his debut solo single “Alive”. The release was fairly successful, and he subsequently had several activities and albums in Japan, propelling him to stardom in the country.

For more info, visit 2PM’s official website and Facebook page.

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