BABYz (as B.A.P fans are lovingly known as), get ready for your new jam because B.A.P is coming back soon!

TS Entertainment has begun the teasing process of B.A.P’s upcoming comeback, releasing a mysterious teaser and several photos of the members. The name of the album has also been revealed to be “Put ‘Em Up”, with the title track “That’s My Jam” set to be released on 8th August.

Source: B.A.P Facebook
Source: B.A.P Facebook

B.A.P has also revealed that one of their new songs will be performed at their “B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour Finale in Seoul” concert, but did not reveal the song name specifically. However fans speculate that those who attend will have a chance to listen to the title track before the official release, as the 2-day concert will be held on 6th and 7th August.


A few weeks ago, TS Entertainment released a mysterious teaser photo of member Daehyun with an alarm clock showing the numbers 8:08. It turned out to be their comeback date, and now, fans are wondering what the time “12:39”, also seen on the clock, could mean.

It hasn’t been easy being a BABY, what with all the lawsuits and contract problems plaguing the group circa 2014. However, the idol group came back stronger than ever, releasing their 8th EP, “Matrix” in November 2015, after they reached a settlement with their company TS Entertainment.

To keep yourself up to date with B.A.P’s news, visit B.A.P’s official website and Facebook page.

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