Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 3”, a rap survival program, contestant Iron (아이언) aka Jung Heon Chul made his controversial comeback 2 months after his marijuana charge.

The K-rapper dropped the music video for his new track, titled “SYSTEM”, today (Thursday, 30th June) and it has received a lot of mixed reactions from both fans and netizens.

Source: All Kpop
Source: All Kpop

While some fans praised him for his songwriting and smooth rapping skills, V.I.Ps (as fans of BIGBANG are lovingly known) are not too happy with him dissing G-Dragon and T.O.P. One netizen wrote, “I think Iron is a good rapper but dissing BIGBANG members is NEVER a good idea! I guess maybe Iron needed more attention”.


Apparently, towards the end of his song, his lyrics mention G-Dragon’s past marijuana scandal and suggest that T.O.P has no musical talent.

He rapped, “He shaved his head, but I grew mine. What’s he going to pull out from now? GD b**** cheated on his fans, but pretends like he got dumped by them. Handicapped rapper T.O.P. Just change your career to acting”.

Source: SaoKpop
Source: SaoKpop

Our take?

Dissing is actually a very common trend in the hip hop culture and if netizens are able to look past Iron’s disses, “SYSTEM” is actually a very truthful description about how cruel the South Korean music industry can be. In his music video, he used cultivating chickens to describe the forming of current K-Pop artistes.

Watch his music video below:

What do you think about Iron’s new rap track? Let us know your thought in the comments below!

Source: All Kpop.

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