It has finally arrived, after much buzz and trial runs.

Popular microblogging service Twitter has upped the fun factor on their platform with the addition of stickers. Or as they would call it, #Stickers.

The new feature allows you to add virtual stickers to the photos you post, ranging from the standard Unicode emoji to some original and Twitter exclusive ones. This include Twitter’s collection of stickers that are pegged to time and year/events i.e. graduation stickers or season-themed stickers.

How does it work? Much like the Snapchat stickers, you can resize, rotate, and add multiple #Stickers to your Twitter photo posts before uploading them.

But that’s not all! Twitter’s #Stickers function come with a unique twist: you can search them like hashtags. Yup, not only will you be able to add stickers from the Twitter apps for Andoid and iOS (you can’t add #Stickers from web, unfortunately), you will also be able to view and search them from the web! Just tap on a sticker inside a tweet and you’ll be taken to a new timeline that shows you how it’s being used around the world.


According to Twitter, the feature is rolling out now and will be available to everyone using Twitter for iOS and Android within a couple weeks. Ace 😉

#Stickers joins the suite of photo editing features on Twitter, including filters, tags, cropping, and accessibility options. Now, we just need to wait for the character limit adjustments to be made and #beyond140 to be implemented, and we’re all set!

Source: Twitter / Featured image: @travelsofadam.

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