Time to flood your snaps with new stickers!

Previously, Snapchat only utilised a standard set of Unicode emoji. It was fun while it lasted, but it quickly became very “tired” and constrained Snapchatters’ creativity. Alas, the stickers are now anything but basic 😉

Snapchat New Stickers 3


Snapchat just rolled out a small but important update that will allow you to use your Chat 2.0 stickers in your snaps. This means that you can finally incorporate into your snaps and Stories the cute colourful sloths, big walruses (“WIP”, “HAPPY HUMP DAY”, “TGIF”, “(WORK MODE)”), hearts, cartoon dogs and cats and pineapples and sheep, as well as random fruit and food and word stamps.

On top of that, you can even use the new stickers in Snapchat’s augmented reality feature for your videos by pinning them to moving objects.

How to use these new stickers? Snap something, then go to the note/Post-It-looking icon where you’d normally find the stickers/emoji on the top right. The new stickers should load on the first page while the standard emoji are still available by swiping to the sides.

Snapchat New Stickers

Go ahead and go absolutely Snapchat-crazy!

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