Taeyeon (태연) is on a roll 😉

Shortly after the release of “Starlight”, a collaboration track with R&B singer Dean (stylised as DΞΔN), SM Entertainment dropped the music video for her latest title track, “Why”.

Source: YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Composed by LDN Noise duo Greg Bonnick and DJ Hayde C, “Why” is an upbeat summer track which combines rhythmic guitar strums and a beach-house beat. Although SM described the lyrics as “hoping to get away from the daily routine and be free”, the music video suggests that the song is about letting go a past lover (ahem, Dean).


The fun music video starts off with Taeyeon hanging out at a hotel pool, holding a “secret time capsule”. Then, the 4-minute long video clip shows the rebellious songstress playing in a children’s park, taking a long drive on the open road, lighting colourful fireworks/smoke at the beach, and skateboarding.

Besides that, scenes from “Starlight” are also included in the music video and if you pay close attention, the same turquoise necklace from the previous video can be seen hanging on Taeyeon’s car. Like her video with Dean, there’s also a twist at the end.

To find out, watch the music video below:

The Girls’ Generation leader’s comeback mini-album of the same name consists of 7 tracks including “Up & Down”, “Good Thing”, “Night”, and “Hands On Me”. As of this morning (Tuesday, 27th June), the pre-purchase count for Taeyeon’s album has surpassed 100,000. Pretty impressive, eh?

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For more information, visit SM Entertainment’s official website and Girls’ Generation’s Facebook page.

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