A lawsuit against Ed Sheeran has sparked off a Twitter war on social media with fans of both singers taking sides on either Team Ed or Team Matt.

So did the global phenomenon Grammy winner really plagiarise someone else’s song? Sheeran’s fans obviously think that isn’t the case at all. After facing a backlash from Twitter, former X-Factor UK winner Matt Cardle has officially spoken out in support of Sheeran and to distance himself from the copyright case.

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Yesterday (9th June 2016), we reported that Sheeran had been slapped with a US$20 million (roughly RM80.7 million) legal lawsuit for allegedly copying “Amazing”, sung by Cardle, for his song “Photograph”, which was most recently featured on the “Me Before You” movie soundtrack.


It’s important to note, however, that “Amazing” was entirely written by people that weren’t, and are still not, Cardle. That honour would fall to Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard, who are represented by the same lawyer (can you guess?) who was in charged of Marvin Gaye’s family for last year’s “Blurred Lines” copyright case.

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Source: Rex Features via The Guardian

With that being said, it’s probably unfair for fans to attack Cardle on Twitter and other social media platforms since it wasn’t the singer who filed the lawsuit in the first place. So perhaps, it’s not accurate for netizens to attach his name to this legal drama.

Although the 33-year-old singer is not directly involved in the controversy, he tweeted his support for Sheeran saying, “Please read news articles closely. This is not my lawsuit. I think @EdSheeran is a genius & 100% deserves all his success.

For those of you who haven’t heard the comparison of both ballads, you can do that here.

Sources: The Guardian, Unreality TV, Evening Standard.

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