More and more drivers in Malaysia have become dependant on Touch ‘n Go cards and SmartTAGs ever since full electronic toll collections have been implemented throughout the Klang Valley.

Despite the convenience from this cashless toll structure, many Malaysians are now worried that SmartTAG users may be at risk of being overcharged due to faulty toll system.

Source: @jasa_rina Twitter
Source: @jasa_rina Twitter

Sai Yew Lee, a Malaysian who was recently charged 5 times more than the usual rate while passing through a toll, took to Facebook last Friday (3rd June 2016) to share his personal account on what went down.


The incident took place on Wednesday (1st June 2016) when he was exiting the Rawang Selatan toll from Jalan Tunku Abdul Halim (previously known as Jalan Duta). He was shocked to learn that his initial value of approximately RM100 was reduced to a balance of RM50.70 after passing through the toll.

[This] means Plus Highway charged me more than RM50.00 for a less than RM10.00 trip,” Lee was quoted as saying from his post.

Source: Sai Yew Lee

Upon contacting Touch n’ Go and later Plus Highway, Lee was disappointed by their less than satisfactory response. According to the Malaysian, both companies gave him similar answers when he enquired the cause of such occurrence.

They apparently said that such incidents happen quite frequently and is probably caused by faulty magnetic reader. They also added that those who have been overcharged can head over to the nearest Plus office to get an immediate refund.

smart tag
Source: Sai Yew Lee

Having said that, he was taken aback by the answers given when he asked what happens if the SmartTAG user is unaware that their card is being inaccurately overcharged. “If you don’t complain we won’t know and there will be no refund,” said the rep for Touch ‘n Go and Plus office, as stated by Lee.

Although Lee has proceeded to claim a refund of RM43.80, he is still worried that no action has been taken to solve this common problem. He questioned if Plus Highway and Touch ‘n Go are doing enough to protect the public’s interest.

Both companies were giving me no other solution but forcing me to drive to their office for a refund. Is it fair?” he added.

smart tag 1
Source: Sai Yew Lee

To those who have been overcharged and don’t know what to do, you could follow Lee’s example and fill in a complaint form “Aduan Caj Berlebihan” (ACB) at any Touch ‘n Go office. Alternatively, you could call up their care line at 03-2714 8888 or email them at [email protected]


For more information, check out Touch ‘n Go’s website here.

Source: Sai Yew Lee’s Facebook.

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