As part of CNBlue, he’s often seated behind everyone else on stage by nature of his role in the K-Pop rock band (drummer), so it’s hard to get a glimpse of him. But Kang Min Hyuk (강민혁) is a rare breed of an entertainer and well deserving of all the attention that he’s getting because he has been dominating both the Korean music as well as the Korean drama scene. Heck, it’s hard to believe that he’s only 24 years old!

Kang Min Hyuk began his acting career in 2010 when he starred in an omnibus film “Acoustic” alongside his fellow CNBLUE member Lee Jong Hyun. He then received another role in the SBS Drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” (괜찮아, 아빠 딸).

Kang Min Hyuk Krytal Jung


But it was his role as Yoong Chan Young in the highly rated 2013 SBS drama, “The Heirs” (otherwise known as “The Inheritors”), that shot him to stardom. In “The Heirs”, Min Hyuk played a top-of-the-class high school student and ideal boyfriend of f(x)’s Krystal Jung’s character, Lee Bo Na. “The Heirs” also starred several top Hallyu stars such as Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Ji Won.

And that was the last that Min Hyuk was seen on TV.

Then, in March this year, it was announced that he has been cast in a new SBS Wednesday – Thursday drama titled, “Entertainer” (딴따라). The news sent his fans into a frenzy as it would mark Min Hyuk’s K-Drama comeback.

Kang Min Hyuk

The official synopsis is as follows:

“Shin Suk-ho (played by Ji Sung) is a successful director who works for KTOP entertainment, a large entertainment company. After he decides to become independent and tries to develop his own company, he suddenly goes through many hardships and loses everything. But then, he finds a talented singer, a high school student named Jo Ha-neul (played by Kang Min Hyuk) and promises to turn him into a famous musician. The most shocking thing is that Ha-neul is an ex-convict and was accused as a sexual abuser by his friend, Lee Ji-Young (played by Yoon Seo). Shin Seok-ho starts an all-pure new journey with Ha-neul’s group “Entertainer Band” (Ddandara band/딴다라 벤드), his loyal friends and Jung Geu-rin (played by Lee Hyeri), Ha-neul’s hard-working sister.”

Thanks to our friends from ONE HD, we managed to get hold of an exclusive interview with the baby-faced CNBlue heartthrob, where he reveals how normal he really is (he loves cooking), how he de-stresses, and why he has 2 cats at home.

You have been very busy with your new drama, “Entertainer”, your band, and music. What are some things you do to relieve your stress?


I will spend the time together with other members of CNBlue. I will go eat with Jung Shin, have supper and drinks with everyone. It is boring to just stay at home when we have our breaks and 4 of us enjoy spending time together, that’s why!

How has the journey of being an entertainer like for you?

It has been very rewarding, every single step of the way. I still recall our debut performance in January 2010 and we were standing behind the curtains, waiting anxiously for the curtain to go up. My heart was beating so fast. I will never forget that moment, the very moment we debuted.

How is it like to be living by yourself now? In comparison to living with your other band mates?

When we lived together, we could hang out, watch a movie together etc. But after living separately, it’s very difficult to meet each other. We are all so busy.


If you bumped into someone who is your ideal type on the street, what would you do?

That would be impossible! (laughs) But I will go up to her and initiate a conversation.

What would that person (on the street) be like? Can you describe her?

I picture her in a blue navy coat, black skinny jeans, thick muffler, medium heels, and beautiful long black hair.

How do you drink your coffee?

Americano with sugar syrup. Can I get one now? (laughs)

Who would you go on a coffee date with?

Kang Dong Woon sunbae, who was in the movie “Temptation of Wolves”. He’s so charming and manly!

What is the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning?

Check the time on my phone. (laughs)

Kang Min Hyuk Interview

Name 3 skills/abilities/things you would love to have?

To play the drums, a more masculine face, and to be a good son to my parents

You come across as a very healthy individual, do you have any food or drinks you love or hate?

I eat anything. At first, when I started eating there were not a lot of changes in my body weight. However, when I was in my 2nd year in high school, my weight skyrocketed! That was a sign. So I do a lot of exercises, gained muscles to compensate for the love for food. I drink a lot of water and juices and I especially love milk and yoghurt. I hate carbonated drinks.

You always post pictures of food on your SNS. Do you enjoy cooking?

(laughs) Yes, you are right. I do post a lot of food photos. It’s fun trying to cook a new dish. Sometimes I feel sorry that I can’t share it with anyone else.

What would you say is your best dish?

I am quite confident that I can whip up a delicious, spicy Korean soybean paste soup.

You have cats..2 of them, don’t you?

I have always wanted a pet! And yes, 2 of them – ChiChi and Ddadda. I got 2 because I don’t want to feel lonely.

Aww. We have such a soft spot for Min Hyuk that we can’t even hide it 🙂 Special thanks to our friends from ONE HD for making the above interview happen!

Kang Min Hyuk plays the role of Jo Ha Neul in “Entertainer” (딴따라). He stars alongside veterans like Ji Sung and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri. Be sure to catch the Korean drama every Thursday and Friday, 8:10pm, on ONE HD (Astro Byond Ch 393).

For more information, hit up ONE HD’s website.

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