Ooh, did you see this coming for South Korean stars Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk? Because we sure didn’t.

It was just confirmed that the stars are an item! Koreaboo first reported the news with an exclusive set of photos from Dispatch. The star couple from hit K-Drama “Pinocchio” were apparently spotted going on cute dates in Korea as well as abroad.

Park Shin Hye Lee Jong Suk Pinocchio
Park Shin Hye & Lee Jong Suk in K-Drama “Pinocchio”

Dispatch revealed that the couple have been dating for 4 months and were spotted both in England and Hawaii. The 2 shot together for a magazine cover in England and enjoyed dates while doing the shoot. In Korea, they would enjoy late night dates in their car, the typical celebrity date hot spot, as Lee Jong Suk would pick Park Shin Hye (of “The Inheritors” aka “The Heirs” fame) up from her home.


Check out the photos below:

*Pictures via Dispatch.

As of time of writing, neither Park Shin Hye nor Lee Jong Suk’s reps have commented on the news. But if it is true, then congratulations to the happy couple!

UPDATE (1st July, 10:37am):

Alright, alright, settle down. We, too, were excited over the initial news. But alas, an official has released a response to the dating allegations.

Park Shin Hye’s company, S.A.L.T Entertainment, told Sports Today in a phone call, “The reports stating Park Shin Hye is dating Lee Jong Suk is not true. The photos that show them on a trip together is a picture of them at a photoshoot in a foreign location. The rumours are groundless.”

Lee Jong Suk’s side, on the other hand, revealed that they have checked with the actor and found that they are just friends.


Accordin to akp, Wellmade Yedang told media outlets, “They only went abroad together for their photoshoot after their drama, they’re not a couple. They were close friends even before they filmed ‘Pinocchio’ and are still good friends, so I think they were misunderstood. Lee Jong Suk didn’t even know photos of them were taken. Many said that they looked good together while filming their drama so that’s why it was probably perceived that way, but they are just close friends.”

Oh, bummer. We had our hopes up for a moment there 🙁

Source: Dispatch via Koreaboo, Koreaboo, akp.

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