They’re back! Almost.

EXO-Ls can start spazzing out again soon enough because SM Entertainment just announced that EXO’s 3rd full-length studio album will be released in slightly more than a week.

To be more specific, 9th June. So be sure to mark that down on your calendars 😉



On Monday (30th May), SM Entertainment said that the K-Pop idol boy group will be making a comeback as a full group in June, marking the first time in a while that the members will appear together again for promotions.

In fact, the last time we saw them was back in March when they were in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of their EXOluXion concert tour. And in the fast-paced K-Pop time, that’s considered a long time ago!

According to soompi, as part of the promotional activities for their new album, EXO will be holding “an impressive grand scale comeback showcase” on 8th June at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. Said to be the group’s biggest promotional activities since their debut, this will be followed by the boys’ daily broadcasts throughout the month of June via Naver V app‘s Naver V Live+. The SM Entertainment and Naver collaboration will also allow the idols to talk to fans via the app.

What about their concept, you ask? During a recent fan event in Shanghai, Kai (EXO member with mad swag and dancing skillz) casually dropped hints about their comeback’s concept when he said, “Rather than something light, we’ve prepared an intense performance. I think fans can safely look forward to (this comeback) because an awesome performance awaits them.”


Okay, that tells us nothing. What does he mean? Will they be going for a more mature sound this time around? More importantly, how do we even begin to hide our excitement? 😀

Meanwhile, EXO just celebrated their 4th anniversary recently and to commemorate the occasion, well, this happened.


Sources: SBS, soompi, International Business Times.

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