In not so many words, “EXOluXion in Malaysia” was truly a night to remember for EXO-Ls (EXO fans) for many reasons. Held at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, the event saw all 9 EXO members performing at their first full concert in Malaysia.

EXO debuted in 2012 and rose to fame with the release of their million seller regular album XOXO (2013). Ever since their debut, numerous hits were produced such as “Wolf”, “Growl”, “Overdose”, and “Call Me Baby”.

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Furthermore, EXO is setting new records in worldwide scale, receiving large number of awards in Korea and China, nominated as Top 1 in K-Pop by American Billboard in 2013, biggest influence in Korea by Forbes Korea Power Celebrity in 2014 and so on.

The stage setup kick-started a few days prior to the concert with large containers flown in from abroad. Production was estimated to cost about RM2 million, with elements such as gigantic high-definition screens, state-of-the-art audio and visual, pyro, hydraulic lifts, mini water pools, and stage extended well into the audience.

According to Star Planet, the crew that put together the “EXOluXion in Malaysia” involved about 300 people who worked tirelessly around the clock.

It was full house on show day, with over 14,000 EXO-Ls coming to Kuala Lumpur from Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, China, and Singapore. Dedicated EXO-Ls swarmed Stadium Merdeka from as early as 10am on 12th March (Saturday) to stand in queue under the scorching hot sun.

The Malaysian social media space was filled with updates from EXO-Ls who were onsite hours before the concert. Some fans reportedly fainted from the extreme heat and dehydration while waiting to be let into the venue. Fortunately, they were attended to by the security and the medical team that were present.


At about 6pm, the gates opened and EXO-Ls started filing into Stadium Merdeka. EXO-Ls had to be let in by batches due to the sheer amount of fans and very little workable space as there was an ongoing construction at the stadium. Despite the confusion and exhaustion from waiting in the crowd hours before the concert, fans were immediately energised at the prospect of finally seeing the idols perform.

Up until few seconds before the “EXOluXion in Malaysia” opening sequence, EXO-Ls were still seen entering the stadium and scrambling to find their categories. Finally, when the floodlights were turned down, excited screams filled the air and thousands of light sticks illuminated the stadium. EXO was finally ready to meet thousands of Malaysian fans.

EXO performing History (1)

“EXOluXion in Malaysia” kicked off with a perfectly choreographed performance of “Overdose” before going into EXO’s popular pre-debut single, “History”. They then moved towards the extended stage where they treated fans to a lightsaber show during “El Dorado”, a song off their “EXODUS” album.

It was a visual treat as well when members Kai (real name Kim Jongin) and Sehun performed their solo choreographies at the mini water pools on opposite ends of the sub stages.

Between songs, there were numerous wardrobe changes. But fans were not neglected during the wait as they were kept entertained with EXO videos, one of which featured the boys “working” as little elves in a coffee machine. EXO-Ls were especially delighted when the members changed into their outfits behind a paper screen on stage as they sang, “Lucky”.

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There were many outstanding moments throughout the night as their set consisted of about 30 songs including hits from their debut EP “Mama”, “XOXO”, “EXODUS”, “Overdose”, as well as tracks off both their winter albums, “Miracles in December” and “Sing For You”.

During one of their many talks in between stages, the EXO members praised Malaysian fans for passionately singing along to their songs and for being so energetic despite the heat. It is without a doubt that their fan service was top-notch as they kept EXO-Ls feeling loved and appreciated. “EXOluXion in Malaysia” then approached its main highlight of the night as EXO performed their chart-topping hit songs, “Call Me Baby”, “Growl”, and “Love Me Right”.

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“EXOluXion in Malaysia” then came to an explosive end with a brilliant show of pyro, fireworks, and an encore performance from the EXO members.

Identifying with the fact that the night was unfortunately marred with many untoward incidents, after the “EXOluXion in Malaysia” concert, Star Planet posted up an apology on their Facebook page:

“The venue has very restricted space and only has 2 entrances to accommodate almost 15,000 fans to enter and exit due to surrounding construction. Moreso, there is no other venue available. If we didnt do it at stadium merdeka, there wouldnt be EXO concert in KL. We had done our very best. All crew are still working now….to dismantle and clear the venue. Hope the spectacular show can make it up for you. We regret for the inconvenience caused to you.”

For more pictures, check out the full gallery below:

“EXOluXion in Malaysia” was presented by Spritzer Mineral Water and Robsonhill Residency, as well as the organiser Star Planet.

For more information, visit Star Planet’s Facebook page.

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