Welcome to the jungle everyone, where there’s a bunch of apes, Jane, and of course, the very ripped Tarzan.

Warner Bros. Pictures has just debut a brand new poster for “The Legend Of Tarzan” featuring a shirtless Alexander Skarsgard in the middle of the jungle while being surrounded by fierce looking apes with Margot Robbie right behind him. The tagline of the poster reads: “Human. Nature.”

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

During a recent interview, Skarsgard revealed that he got injured while filming a raunchy sex scene with co-star Robbie. “Even though I’m fighting apes, the only injury I got was from a sex scene with Margot – she hit me! Our director David Yates wanted our sex scene to be really animalistic, so he was behind the camera saying things like, ‘Hit him harder! Come on!’ He kind of egged us on and wanted to feel very primal, so she beat me up!,” the 39-year-old star told Closer magazine.


Despite the incident, the Swedish-born actor admitted it wasn’t hard to act out the love scenes with Robbie who plays his love interest Jane Porter. “Tarzan and Jane have to be drawn to each other, and the audience need to feel it – obviously it wasn’t hard acting that with Margot, she’s so charming!” said Skarsgard.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Directed by David Yates and based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ iconic novel series, “The Legend Of Tarzan” takes place after Tarzan left the jungle to settled down with his wife, Jane, in London. He is forced to return to the Congo as a trade representative but finds himself at odds with a Belgian captain Captain Leon Rom.

“The Legend of Tarzan” swings into theatres on 30th June 2016.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror UK.

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