Jessica Jung (제시카) recently made her debut through her first mini-album, titled “With Love, J”, and as at time of writing, the music video for her title track, “Fly”, has gained over 6.1 million views on YouTube.

It’s safe to say that the former Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) member is doing pretty well for her solo career as a singer, designer, and entrepreneur. But how does she really feel about leaving the group?

Source: Wow Keren
Source: Wow Keren

During an interview with Tenasia, the “Love Me The Same” singer revealed her thoughts about her departure from her previous group and label.


“I don’t know what to say. I wouldn’t be here without Girls’ Generation. If it weren’t for Girls’ Generation, I won’t be who I am today. Also, Girls’ Generation would not be here without the company (SM Entertainment). It’s very precious and I have no desire to deny who I was at the time,” said Jessica.

The idol added that she had to leave the company at some point because their interests were different and there was no other choice. In regards to negative comments, she said, “If there’s any misunderstanding, I will resolve that at any time. The truth will go through in the end, and when time passes, I believe people would come to realise (the truth)”.

Source: K-Pop Map
Source: K-Pop Map

Besides that, the 27-year-old songstress told KBS’ radio station, coolFM, that she is very satisfied with her new album and that all the hard work paid off.

DJ Park Myung Soo, who collaborated with her back in 2009 for “Naengmyun”, jokingly asked her if she still gets breathless while singing and dancing at the same time in which Jessica wittily replied, “It’s like aerobic exercise. It’s hard. It was even harder when I was doing ‘Naengmyun’. I just never said it,” causing laughter in the studio.

Jessica and Park Myung Soo (Source: All Kpop)
Jessica and Park Myung Soo (Source: All Kpop)

The “Fly” singer has been very honest with the media and fans lately. As aforementioned, she finally confirmed her relationship status with Tyler Kwon and revealed her friendship with her former members.

We sincerely hope that Jessica will continue to do well in her career. You go girl! 😉

Sources: All Kpop (1), All Kpop (2).

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