Have you ever wondered what would it be like if your dreamlike journal actually came to life? That is exactly what happens in Coldplay’s brand new music video.

Taken from the rock band’s “A Head Full Of Dreams” album, “Up&Up” is the 3rd single and closing track on the group’s latest album. The trippy videoclip sees Chris Martin and his bandmates situated in rather odd places inside Coldplay’s bizarre visual playground.

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Imagine this: a giant eagle soaring beneath the ocean, racehorses galloping on water, a popcorn-spouting volcano, miniature skiers racing down a fluffy white pillow, children walking on a street with fishes swimming above them, synchronised swimmers in a washing machine, and race car drivers zooming along the ring of Saturn.


You get the idea, right? Everything is distorted in this illusory world. There’s even a turtle floating in the subway!

As Vulture’s Halle Kiefer suggests, “the flying sea turtle could mean that you are guarded with your emotions, while waiting endlessly for the subway represents that you may feel you are in a dead-end relationship”. Or maybe the turtle simply has to catch the train to work.

These unorthodox and extraordinary imagery are essentially the backbone of this Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia directed visual masterpiece.


The video is – I’m going to drop the mic here and say – I think it’s one of the best videos people have made. Even if you take the music away. It’s made by these Israeli guys. These young guys. I can’t believe that that’s our video. If that was someone else’s video, I’d be so jealous,” Martin told Beats 1 radio.

Up&Up is kind of our defining credo and it’s about a different way of looking at the world. So this video, they just have this whole visual way of looking at things, that I could never have thought of myself. Basically, it just surprised me so much. How on earth did they think of that? They just do these things and I thought, ‘Really?’ It’s so clever,” said the singer, praising the 2 Israeli filmmakers.


Just when we thought that Coldplay gave us their best music video with “Hymn For The Weekend”, partially thanks to Beyonce‘s presence, the quartet has gone and outdone themselves once again. Very rarely do we get music videos telling a story that is more interesting than the song itself. “Up&Up” is definitely one of the best videos we’ve seen in recent years.


Don’t believe us? Take a look at Coldplay’s stunning new video:

Sources: From The Grapevine, Bustle, Vulture.

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