Coldplay and Beyonce have premiered their gorgeous music video for “Hymn For The Weekend”, their collaborative effort from the rock band’s “A Head Full Of Dreams” album.

Shot on location in Mumbai, the video showcase glimpses of life in India as frontman Chris Martin takes us thorough some stunning landscapes featuring several historic magical temples as well as some shabby slums where the poor dwell.

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In the Ben Mor directed clip, we see Martin and his bandmates reveling in colourful powder paint – which are traditionally tossed around by celebrants during an ancient Hindu festival called Holi (also known as the festival of love).


As Martin winds his way through the big cities of India, we see Beyonce’s appearance displayed on every passing television screen and billboards. The superstar even has top billing at a local cinema. He arrives at the movie theatre to watch a Bollywood film starring none other than Queen Bey.

Adorned in henna and a flowery headdress, Queen Bey plays an enchanting Bollywood celebrity dancing in front of a wall of flowers. Some critics were quick to call out Beyonce and Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor (who made a short cameo in the music video) for being portrayed simply as exotic and desirable women.

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Many have also accused Coldplay’s video of cultural appropriation highlighting the fact that it “romanticises Hinduism to further exoticise India as a westerners’ paradise unsullied by harsh realities”. In other words, some felt offended by the group profiting off a culture not their own.

To be fair, we thought the music video did a commendable job in cramming the best of Indian culture from their point of view within 4 1/2 minutes.

Watch the sleek and vibrant music video below:

Beyonce is expected to join Coldplay for a “Hymn For The Weekend” reprise during the 2016 Super Bowl 50 Half Time Show this weekend.


Sources: Yahoo! News, The Guardian.

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