The week has barely started and we already have a slew of K-pop releases and teasers.

SHINee‘s Jonghyun is the latest K-pop idol to release his teaser, dropping the release date and a teaser photo for his upcoming solo album, “좋아 (She Is)”. The album will be his first full-length studio album.

Source: SM Town
Source: SM Town

The teaser shot, which features a half body shot of Jonghyun, shows the singer dressed in vibrant colors of yellow and blue. The colours seem to hint at a trendy and vivid concept for his comeback.


9 songs will be included in Jonghyun’s latest effort, with 8 numbers self-composed by the idol himself. The singer-songwriter also participated in the lyrics, writing and composing in all 9 tracks.

“좋아 (She Is)” is Jonghyun’s 3rd album after his debut EP “Base” and compilation album “The Collection: Story Op. 1“. “Base” was released in January 2015 and it included the hit song “Deja-Boo”, which hit the #1 spot in various Korean music charts multiple times.

However, “The Collection: Story Op. 1” was not properly promoted, as all of the songs collected in the album were already revealed on the singer’s radio show, MBC’s “Blue Night”, from July 2014 until July 2015. The songs, which were in its demo form, were compiled and rearranged into the aforementioned album.

Source: Sunflowers0408
Source: Sunflowers0408

UPDATE (20th May, 3:20pm):

SM Entertainment has dropped the tracklist and 3 video teasers for Jonghyun’s upcoming comeback.

Source: SM Entertainment
Source: SM Entertainment

We finally see Jonghyun appearing in the 3rd video, but the teasers are still as confusing as ever. The scenes of the videos look unrelated and incoherent and frankly, it’s giving us a headache! Don’t understand what we mean?

Well, watch the teasers here:

The physical and digital version of “좋아 (She Is)” will drop on 24th May at 12am KST.

Stay tuned to SM Entertainment‘s official Twitter and Facebook page for more info!

Source: soompi.

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