First, she blew our minds with her solo “Shake That Brass”, then, she tugged on our heartstrings with “Borders”, and now, Amber is back again with another project, “Crossing”.

The teaser, which was uploaded by SM Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel at 12am today (16th May), features Amber showing us her daily routine and habits, such as shooting, writing, and playing with her phone.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

In the video, Amber can be heard asking:


What do you want to be when you grow up? What are your dreams? Who are your role models? Why did you chose this path? Is this what you like to do? Is this what you want to do? What motivates you? Do you see yourself doing this for the rest of your life? Is this what makes you happy? Are you even happy?

After a brief pause, in which she takes a moment to whip out a marker pen and sketchbook, and contemplates what to write, Amber admits:

For a while, the answers to the questions and more were always, ‘I don’t know’. But I think I know the answers now. Piece by piece, I want to show you.

F(x) Comeback 2015 Teaser Image - Amber 3

After the monologue, the f(x) singer walks away from camera and we see that she has written “Crossings” at the top part of the paper.

It seems like “Crossings” is the teaser for her surprise single, “On My Own”, which will be written by Amber herself. The release date is set to be on 18th May, 12am KST. However, no other details for the project have been revealed.

Keep a lookout on SMTOWN’s official Facebook page and Twitter page for more info!

Sources: soompi, Vyrl.

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