Scores of vehicles were trapped when flash floods hit several key roads in Kuala Lumpur following a downpour during the rush hour this evening (Thursday, 12th May).

Bernama’s Twitter and the Fire and Rescue Department’s Twitter shared photos from 4 roads that were badly hit as of 8:48pm – Jalan Pudu, Jalan Pantai Bahru, Jalan Semantan, and Jalan Bangsar.


Additionally, several Malaysian netizens who were on the roads at the time also took to social media to post up pictures of the flash floods.

One Facebook user shared photos from Jalan Duta, which showed several cars trapped in knee-deep water. In one of his posts, he urged his friends, “Don’t come anywhere near Jalan Duta. Please spread the news and tell the cars stuck on Jalan Duta to reverse if possible. There are hundreds of car soaked in water already.”

Jalan Duta Flash Flood May 2016
Source: Han Min Ng’s Facebook profile

According to The Star Onilne, The Fire and Rescue Department later sent out a media alert to say that crews were dispatched to 2 locations in Kuala Lumpur after emergency calls were made by people trapped in the floods.

A total of 20 firemen were sent at 7:26pm to a location in front of Duta Vista in Jalan Duta where 100 vehicles were trapped along the road towards Damansara and Kuala Lumpur, forcing motorists to leave their vehicles.

Jalan Duta Flash Flood May 2016

It added that another 13 Fire and Rescue Department personnel were sent to the Jalan Lingkungan Budi gate of Universiti Malaya at 7:58pm as 15 cars were stranded in flash floods and strong currents.

“11 people were rescued including a woman who was having breathing difficulties,” said the Fire and Rescue Department.

Were you caught in the flash floods too? Leave a comment below if you’d like to share your experience with us.

Sources: Bernama’s TwitterThe Star Online, Bomba’s Twitter / Featured image: Friend of Bomba Malaysia.

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