A little more than a month after the Cheras Leisure Mall dog bashing case, another animal abuse case has surfaced, this time involving a cat.

Wong Che Wey, 32, found the cat hanging from a lamp post outside his house at Taman Klang Jaya after returning from work on Wednesday evening (11th May). It is not known if the cat was dead or alive before it was tied to the lamp post and no perpetrator has been held responsible so far.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Wong subsequently posted a status on Facebook, which went viral and garnered many comments by netizens who were angered by the cruel deed. Many netizens also commended Wong and the unknown woman pictured in the photo above for their kind actions.


One of the netizens, Jasmene Abdullah, commented: “The innocent kittens are now with out a mother. Who ever did the despicable murder are monsters! Thq to the kind lady who helped untie & bury the mummy.” Another commenter named Pinky Princess Lee said, “Rot in hell to the bastard who did this!!! You will die the same way!! ??

*Pictures via Facebook.

Wong also uploaded a few photos of the incident, which showed the cat hung by its front paws to a lamp post. A photo of a hole Wong dug to bury the cat was included too.

“There were flies around the cat’s mouth and head, so what we decided was to quickly bury it,” Wong said when contacted by The Star. The cat was a regular stray in the area and was friendly with the locals.


In his post, Wong wrote:

Living in a sick neighbourhood where the strays being tortured to death. On behalf of human, I am sorry. RIP kitty… We will look after your kittens.

The cat recently gave birth to a litter of 4 kittens, and Wong is currently looking for volunteers to adopt them. If you, or anyone you know would like to adopt the kittens, do contact Wong at 012-2557227.


Sources: The Star, Facebook.

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