Nevermind that Zayn Malik’s debut single “Pillowtalk” is still sitting comfortably on the Billboard Hot 100 (currently #8), the singer is already surging forward with a brand new music video.

Directed by X aka Julien Christian Lutz, “Like I Would” sees a futuristic robotic-like Zayn rocking fiber optic-powered glow-in-the-dark jumpsuit and trainers while wearing a single bright orange contact lens that makes him look like a character from the “Tron” franchise.

Source: Billboard

The futuristic visual certainly takes inspiration from 2010’s sci-fi movie “Tron:Legacy”. Zayn very casually performs the track while standing in a prison of lasers with a dazzling arrays of flashing lights. The R&B dance track also features several gorgeous dancers in red latex and camouflage ensembles performing a fierce sexy choreography.


Add the former One Direction singer’s sensual, cocky lyrics (“He won’t touch you like I do /He won’t love you like I would / He don’t know your body / He don’t do you right / He won’t love you like I would, love you like I would“) to that image and we have the fitting cyborg Zayn from the future.

Watch the new clip below:

The track is a club banger and the visual is pretty Tron-tastic, but it would have been better if the 23-year-old pop star didn’t look so hesitant and awkward the entire time.

Source: Daily Mail.

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