Zouk Kuala Lumpur just launched a sleek and shiny new membership card befitting the new and improved club’s status.

And it comes with exciting perks and privileges!



The Zouk KL membership (standard and premium) – the most coveted of all club memberships – is in the league of its own, with benefits valued at RM50,000 annually.

The premium membership comes with complimentary, priority entry for the Zouk KL member to Zouk Club Singapore – on top of the standard card perks.

This is also a duo outing for the quintessential nightspot with the introduction of the brand new Zouk KL’s Party Packages for party animals, applicable for non-members too. This marks the part 2 of its 2015 consumer campaign following the weekday Value Guide last month:

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Zouk KL’s membership is free and it is renewed on a yearly basis.

For those who are selected to become one will enjoy 12 months of benefits. The selection process is at the management’s discretion for standard and premium memberships. This is to curate a likeminded set of clubbers, who are also frequent visitors to the superclub.

What’s new?

Membership privileges are carefully curated accordingly to the consumer trends. And Zouk KL knows just how to reward the most loyal customers.

Zouk Club KL 2015


A member enjoys an extended guest list of up to 5 people on the birthday week. To sweeten the occasion, a limited edition Zouk merchandise awaits, along with complimentary cupcakes and a RM50 Zouk Cafe Bar gift card, which you can use to treat yourself to some F&B delights.

The perks extend to 10 venues in Zouk KL including:

  • Zouk Main Room
  • Velvet Underground
  • Phuture
  • Ace
  • Apex
  • Zouk Cafe Bar
  • Beer Garden

Except the reservation-only and guest-listed Imperial.

What do you get?

We’ll let the image below do the talking:

Zouk Club KL Membership
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How to join?

There are a few ways to register for membership. You can visit their website to enrol, head to the self registration kiosk at Zouk KL’s entrance lobby during club hours from 10pm.

Once your application is accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation via e-mail. The membership card, which is personalised, will be ready in 3 weeks.


And that’s not all!

Members, new and current, can look forward to a Members’ Party next month. Zouk KL will also launch its interactive mobile app, as well as its new website next month. The app will enable groundbreaking features and allow clubbers and members to gain all kinds of Zouk KL and members-related information at their fingertips – 24/7.

We’re game. Give it to us 😉

For more information, visit Zouk KL’s website or Facebook page.

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