The whole Internet community has been raving about Drake since he released the music video of his latest single, “Hotline Bling“.

It wasn’t because of the lovely ladies that he featured in the video, but rather the dorky dance moves that he proudly shown to the world.

Drake Hotline Bling


Since then, tonnes of parodies and memes have surfaced online. Someone even created a Twitter account called @DrakeDancingTo, posting gifs and videos of Drake dancing to literally any song.

However, among all the hilarious parodies and memes, this video of a man dancing with the music in his head takes the cake.

Munis Drake Dancing

On 5th November (Thursday), Twitter user @Haiikalbenot uploaded a video of his co-worker, Munis, dancing to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” while no one was watching. Though the song wasn’t featured in the video, it clearly showed that he was replicating Drake’s dance moves with some of his own.

Before Munis could further dance to the song, his co-worker surprised him and asked, “What are you doing? Are you performing the Joget (a tradiotional Malay dance)?” Embarrassed that he was caught dancing to the song, Munis scolded, “You d*ckhead! What are you doing here? Go away! Can’t a man just relax?”

At first, Munis seemed furious at the fact his dancing was caught on tape, but he later laughed it off with the cameraman.

UNILAD Munis Drake Dancing
Source: UNILAD

In less than a week, the video unexpectedly gone viral after UNILAD, a humour-focused media company for British college students, reposted the video on their official Facebook page.

A gif of his dancing was also shared on Reddit and netizens began creating memes based on the video. Munis became so famous that someone even dedicated an entire Facebook page just for him.


Check out the original video:

No further details regarding Uncle Munis were revealed, but it is said that he is a Malaysian who is currently working in Singapore.

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