Terrariums, or as we like to call them, “little gardens”. They’re all the craze these days.

We love them in our kitchens, we love them on our coffee tables, we love them on our workstations, heck we’d even love them in our cars or around our necks if the size fits.

Totoro Terrarium


Fans of the whole minimalist trend, especially, are bound to become fast fans of terrariums. It just goes hand in hand! There was a time when we couldn’t find a single terrarium in Malaysia but now, they’re everywhere. On Instagram, at flea markets, in stores. Gotta have em!

We’ve found some places in Klang Valley where you can either purchase or DIY your own terrarium:

1. EL Euhara

EL Euhara Terrarium

Kuala Lumpur-based EL Euhara is known for many things including clothing, home decor, and terrariums. We love that they don’t only use glass containers but also utilise cute enamel pots which you can personalise for yourself or your loved ones. It’s quite a sight and a breath of fresh air, we dare say. EL Euhara’s “little gardens” go for as low as RM45.

E-mail EL Euhara at [email protected] or check out their Instagram here.

2. Terrariums Malaysia

Terrariums Malaysia


Terrariums Malaysia has a slew of offerings ranging from pre-made terrariums to DIY set terrariums, to terrarium workshops as well as terrariums materials. One thing worth talking about is the types of terrarium plants that they carry, as well as terrarium maintenance products such as repellents and fertilizer/vitalizer sprays.

Visit their physical store located at Taman Permainan, Jalan SS19/1L, Subang Jaya or check out their Facebook page.

3. Mini Green

Mini Green Terrariums

Founded just last year by one Klang-based Melissa Jalil, Mini Green is a product of pure terrarium obsession. She uses various containers for her terrarium creations such as jars, glasses, vases, and bowls. Her lovingly handmade designs have made quite a name for themselves, and have followed her from Ipoh, Perak to Selangor.

Contact Melissa via WhatsApp/SMS at +60124008447 or check out Mini Green’s Instagram here.

4. Riumz

Ancient Passage Riumz

Riumz, or as they like to call themselves, “The Vivarium Company”, are one of the oldest players in the local terrarium market. So it’s safe to say that they’re probably pretty experienced too! Riumz pride themselves for their stable vivariums and superb micro-detailing. But don’t just take it from us.

Hit up Riumz via their website or their Facebook page.

5. A&E’s Studio

A&E Bangsar Terrarium

A&E’s Studio call themselves a “lo-fi floral studio”, and mostly because they work from their little nest in Bangsar. But that hasn’t stopped them from making to-die-for floral magic. They’re also known to hold the occasional workshop or two. Famed for their gorgeous bouquets, A&E’s Studio has now ventured into making terrariums.

For more information, visit their website or Instagram, or e-mail them at [email protected]

6. I Love Snackfood

I Love Snackfood Terrarium

We stumbled upon I Love Snackfood a couple of months ago while we were “cool hunting” aka in search of cool things. The Bangsar store carries interesting collectibles, homeware, and random hipster-ish items. And they also carry a variety of terrariums as well as offer customisation services and workshops. Needless to say, we fell in love.

I Love Snackfood is located at 17a, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Hit up their website here.

7. Tiny Forest Terrariums

Tiny Forest Terrariums Yuna

Tiny Forest Terrariums was founded by Malaysian darling Yuna Zarai in 2012 in Los Angeles when she started making custom made terrariums. When she came back to Kuala Lumpur she had made one for her mother and they both realized that they wanted to start a terrarium studio together in Subang Jaya, the neighbourhood where she grew up.

Get it at Yuna’s November Culture, 14 SS15/8B, Subang Jaya. Tiny Forest Terrariums is also on Facebook.

8. Potheads KL

Potheads KL

Potheads KL’s terrariums are made to order and they pride themselves in their afforable prices. You could be a proud owner of unique “pots of succulents” for as low as RM30. Their designs are mostly simple, which makes for a minimalist’s wet dream.

Check out Potheads KL via their Tumblr or Facebook page and e-mail them at [email protected] to make your order.

9. Ficus & Jar’s Terrariums

Ficus & Jar Terrariums

Ficus & Jar has actually been around for quite awhile, founded in 2013 by a duo whose love for home and interior decor have them spending all their free time after work and on weekends designing and making terrariums. They apply their creativity on producing sleek and minimal designs while ensuring that their products never fail to excite and refresh the spaces they furnish.

Stalk them via their Facebook page or their Instagram.

10. Little Habitats

Little Habitats Terrarium

Located somewhere in Sunway, Malaysian terrarium makers Little Habitats are a minimalist’s favourite. Their chic terrariums bring nature indoors with micro garden landscape by featuring mini mounds of terrestrial moss, ferns, air and succulent plants. It could be the next simple yet classy addition to your office or home, or both.

Little Habitats is on Facebook as well as Instagram. Go get your hands on a Little Habitats creation!

11. Designation.co

Designation co Terrarium

Although they don’t make their own terrariums per se, Designation.co is a great place to find some. They carry a range from Riumz and Ficus & Jars on site from RM89 a pop. If you’d like, you could also ask the lovely people from Designation.co to order a custom one for you. It’d come with a price but hey, no price is too much for a terrarium you can really call your own.

Designation.co is located at Art Row, Lot 54, Block B3, Level G2, Publika. Go check out their stuff via their Facebook page or Instagram.

12. Terrarium World

Terrarium World

Terrarium World designs and manufactures terrariums of various unique shapes and sizes. Their terrarium range from smaller ones for children and novices to larger ones with bigger plant room for more ambitious gardeners. All plants are cultivated or purchased from local nurseries, consisting of small palm trees, pitcher plants, creepers, jungle ferns, and moss.

Want one? Get one at Terrarium World, located at 17, Jalan Tago 11, Taman Perindustrian Tago, Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. They’ve also got a website and Facebook page.

13. Green Fingers

Green Fingers Terrarium

Nothing says spreading the joy of growing more than Green Fingers! The friendly family-run business in Bandar Puteri Puchong is every gardener’s haven. There, they have everything you need for your garden from seeds, plant food, gardening accessories, outdoor power tools, and even live plants. And of course, terrariums as well.

Get a taste of what they have to offer via their website, Facebook page, or Instagram. Green Fingers is located at 5, Jalan Puteri 4/7a, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong.

14. Ola Cacti

Ola Cacti Terrarium

Last but certainly not least, the wonderful little gardens that Ola Cacti sells! A big believer of using as many colours as possible, Ola Cacti offers customised cactus and succulent terrariums. The burst of colours, complete with cute little figurines, are simply too cute to pass up.

Send them an e-mail at [email protected] or stalk Ola Cacti via their Instagram account here.

Happy harnessing your green thumb! 😉

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