Okay, okay, we admit, we’re as much addicted to Instagram as you are. So much so that it’s hard to remember why we love it so much. And as though we don’t already love it enough, the current Instagram photography and Instagram filtering trend just propelled it to a whole new level. Yes, we’re talking about the strangely enticing minimalist type of photography.

Of course, we enjoy looking at what our friends (and some celebrities we stalk) post up, but sometimes, it’s nice to be able to jazz up our Instagram feeds. When photos are skewed to compositions that include just that one focus (sometimes more) against a bright background, for example, they can say a lot without being over-the-top. On point and impactful and all that jazz!

Here’s some eye candy minimalist photography accounts that we highly recommend:


Instagram handle: seoul_stateofmind
Real name: Ken Lum Lee

Instagram feed:

seoul_stateofmind Instagram

23-year-old Ken Lum Lee was born and raised in London, UK. A Marketing Business major and a photographer wannabe, Ken decided to leave the UK to seek more colour and seasoning in which the world can offer, hence the blog started. Initially a private journal for his family and close friends, it is now open for the public to walk alongside with him and his Korean travels. A coffee and Oreos addict and a lover of all things unique and weird. Currently residing in Gwangju, South Korea, he is now teaching English in a public school.

Instagram handle: cay_mae
Real name: Cay

Instagram feed:

cay_mae Instagram

Cay’s composition skills will leave you with your jaw hanging right off the ground. She takes absolutely beautiful minimal shots while documenting her life with her rescued family (she features her pets) as well as her real family (she has kids). She even goes as far as documenting the change in seasons and festive holidays (Christmas, Halloween) perfectly without compromising her own theme. A talent like hers is extremely rare and 365 days a year never looked this good, we swear!


Instagram handle: lydia522
Real name: Lydia Tan

Instagram feed:

lydia522 Instagram

You didn’t think that we’d go without featuring at least one Malaysian Instagrammer now, did you? Lydia Tan is our very own homegrown minimalist photographer. She’s so minimal, even her captions consist of very little words – but her pictures carry a lot of weight. We don’t know all that much about her except for her name and that she uses and iPhone 5, and the fact that she likes featuring clean lines, symmetry, shapes, and people. You definitely won’t pollute your feed with food posts with this one.

Instagram handle: oraclefoxblog
Real name: Amanda Shadforth

Instagram feed:

oraclefoxblog Instagram

If you’re not a fan of style and fashion, skip this one out. But if it’s your guilty pleasure like it is for us, then pore over this one! Amanda Shadforth is the creator or Oracle Fox, one of the largest personal style blogs in the world. She’s also a Creative Director and a fantastic photographer. Oracle Fox features trend forecasting and inspirations, and because it’s helmed by Amanda, a lot of that gets spilled right into her personal style as well. She’s also a stylist and an illustrator so we know now where she gets her eye for detail from!

Instagram handle: izani_
Real name: Izani

Instagram feed:

izani_ Instagram

We couldn’t go without featuring Izani, of course. Especially since he’s a fellow Malaysian. The only problem is, when you’re not busy staring at his Instagram feed/posts and swooning over the shots he takes, you’d be preoccupied with wondering just where the heck in Malaysia are those beautiful pictures taken at. Semi frustrating but this kind of frustration, we like.

Instagram handle: noellekramer
Real name: Noelle Kramer

Instagram feed:

noellekramer Instagram

Noelle Kramer (for now) is a 20-something twenty-something Pennsylvania girl from Erie currently living in Pittsburgh with her fiance, Richard Steven. When it comes to passions, she’s an extreme lover of adventure, photography, country music, and fashion. From her feed, it’s evident that she has an eye for style, with a minimal touch because it’s filled with beautifully colours and subtle photos. Oh, also, she says that she believes that coffee and mascara are fundamental when it comes to starting each and everyday. Can’t argue with that!

Instagram handle: hidajoe
Real name: Joe

Instagram feed:

hidajoe Instagram

Oh, what a pop of art! Nothing breaks the monotony of flat and plain bright backgrounds quite like Joe’s Instagram posts. Of course, it’s very obvious that his pictures are either heavily filtered or edited – or both. But we simply couldn’t turn away from the “Paddle Pop”-ish themed feed. We don’t know much about him but what we do know, based on his Instagram posts, is that he’s from a neighbouring country – Indonesia. Go show him some love. His images can be found through the hashtag #touchingpastels.

Instagram handle: kessara
Real name: Kessara Dhana

Instagram feed:

kessara Instagram

Kessara Dhana doesn’t actually share much about herself except for her incredible shots. Bright and clean, like most minimalist photographers, watching her feed will make you feel like it’s the weekend all day errday. Well, except that she’s Chicago-based, so you kinda get to see Chicago through her eyes. We can’t say that that’s a bad thing though. We love it, we’ll take it like we’re traveling through the US with her 😉

Instagram handle: brenwho
Real name: Brenda Ng

Instagram feed:

brenwho Instagram

Hailing from Singapore, 20-year-old Brenda Ng’s style is nowhere near other minimal photographers on Instagram, in the sense that her posts are not all just bright and bare, but she does take amazing pictures. Most of her posts look clean and neat, which is what we love, and more often than not she breaks them monotony up with your average lifestyle shots. This is definitely going to make you want to change things up on your own Instagram feed.

Instagram handle: urbanxkoi
Real name: Nana Tsay

Instagram feed:

urbanxkoi Instagram

A researcher by profession, we actually got to know minimalist photographer urbanxkoi aka Nana Tsay via her best friend silkmanifest. Nana is based in New York and according to her blog, she says she has always had a predilection for writing and photography. It kinda figures why regardless of whether it’s a thought, feeling, random musing, inspiration from a song or a prose, she manages to translate them into gorgeous visual stories via her feed. We’re in love!

Um, we will not be held responsible for encouraging your Instagram addiction 😉

*Featured image from here.

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