So, this is what Avicii probably took a break for.

It was only 2 years ago that Avicii released his debut studio album, “True”, which took over the charts and radio airwaves for weeks on end. Having made a lasting impression, on top of making his presence (in the dance music scene) very known via his countless gigs worldwide, fans have been waiting since forever for his next project.

Avicii Stories


And now, the wait is over. “Stories” is starting to look like it was well worth the wait, judging from the “Stories” campaign that Avicii just unveiled.

Determined to set a new trend, the innovative Instagram-based marketing campaign allows fans to click-through an interactive game and embark on their own story. It kicks off with an “Avicii Begins” Instagram account, with an introduction that reads as such:


Text: “After enslaving the human race Dr. Hush has banned all music and brainwashed the population into mindless zombies. You are Avicii and your mission is to infiltrate Dr. Hush’s broadcasting station, and play the last remaining song in the world to awaken the people…”

Wanna give it a shot? Click on the first link below to begin! We gotta warn you though that it’s pretty addictive.

For more information on Avicii, hit up his website or his Facebook page.

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