Oopsie daisy, it seems like mainstream music stars Madonna and Avicii’s collaboration did not run smoothly.

The “Wake Me Up” star recently teamed up with the Queen of Pop to produce her latest album, “Rebel Heart”. But sadly, after citing creative differences, Madonna and Avicii no longer work together after only 3 tracks.

Source: Sensiblereason
Source: Sensiblereason

The recent news between Avicii and Madonna had gone out of control due to a recent interview with Avicii by Daily Star. In fact, writer Jack Hardwick had took most of what Avicii said about the recent collaborations with Madonna out of context. Right after the article was published with a misleading headline that read, “Madonna ruined my track: Avicii slams the Queen of Pop”, the Swedish DJ quickly took to social media to clarify the tabloid’s news piece.


The site corrected the headline shortly after to “LISTEN: ‘My demos were better’ Hear Avicii on Madonna’s latest album”.

Avicii later thanked the Daily Star on Instagram for rectifying the story along with the caption: “Thank you @daily_star for correcting the headline – and rest of article – after hearing the actual audio recording of the interview!”


What was the fuss abouce?

In the interview with the UK’s Daily Star, the 25-year-old Swedish DJ/ producer admitted that he had a slight disagreement with the 56-year-old Queen of Pop when they worked on the track together months and months ago. He was quoted as saying, “At the beginning we were all on the same page and then…I wasn’t….happy with the final product.”


Avicii’s version of the song leaked early but he says he still preferred his version as compared to the final cut that Madonna released.

He commented:

I thought it was better. It was more me.

That aside, Avicii also revealed that he has an upcoming collaboration with Adele as well as Rihanna. He said, “I’m super excited for Rihanna’s record, I haven’t heard any of it yet either. She is one of the most talented artistes of our time.”

In any case, whaddya think of what Avicii said about Madonna? Having revealed just a little too much about what he thinks of the final cut that Madonna released, was he making the right move..or not? Share your thoughts in the comments box below 😉

Source: E! Online.

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