By now, any K-Pop fan would’ve heard about EXID (이엑스아이디), or at least Hani.

The K-Pop idol girl group made headlines when the popularity of their song, “Up & Down”, shot through the roof earlier this year. Since then, EXID has been busy with promotions (“Ah Yeah”) and the demands for more and more of the 5-member group hasn’t stopped.



Without skipping a beat, EXID is continuing to ride on the wave of popularity and is even preparing for a comeback!

According to a recent report by Newsen, EXID is currently working towards making a comeback in October. A source told OSEN, however, that there hasn’t been a specific time set yet although it is true that the group is aiming for a return this fall.

An insider also revealed to akp:

They’re looking at a comeback before winter gets here, but nothing’s been confirmed. The album’s format has not been decided either. They’re working hard on recording their album, so look forward to it.

On top of that, EXID member Solji also previously shared that the group were in the middle of working in the studio for their upcoming album. Apparently, LE and influental music producer Shinsadong Tiger are working on it together!

We’re keeping an eye out for more details 😉

We’ll leave you now with this way awesome live mashup performance of “Ah Yeah” and “Up & Down” by EXID. Enjoy:


Sources: soompi, Newsenakp, OSEN.

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