EXID Hani’s not going anywhere, you guys. Not for the next 10 years, at least.

She recently stepped up to reassure fans that she won’t be retiring after her contract expires after all, contrary to what she said on a show once.

EXID Hani Up & Down


You see, Hani appeared on Mnet’s “Moon Hee Jun’s Pure 15 Plus,” where she said:

After my contract’s over, I want to explore a different career. There’s something I really want to study, as well as something I really want to do. It’s my dream to be a counselor.

Of course, this came as a shock to fans as 5-member K-Pop idol girl group EXID only recently shot to fame after a fancam of Hani performing their 2014 single, “Up & Down” went viral. In fact, the song only reached #1 on the Gaon Singles Chart months after its initial release. 4 whole months, to be exact!

In case you missed it, this was the video:

But we digress.

Needless to say,people started speculating that this was a sign of her upcoming retirement. A little too soon, if you asked us, especially for a group that only debuted in 2012. Luckily, she put those worries/rumours to rest during an 18th April event, when she was asked about her previous comments about leaving the industry once her contract was over.

She replied:


I’m glad someone asked because I’ve been thinking I should explain myself. Even at the end of this promotional period, I can’t quit. I’m still tied to my contract. I honestly think it’s stupid to decide and judge right now on what will go on in my life, what events will happen, and what I want to do. The thing I said about wanting to do something else later on was me talking about my dreams. After the broadcast I felt like it was a little rude. And I’m sorry to all my fans. I said this on a previous interview but I think I’ll still be EXID’s Hani 10 years from now. I really think so.

Phew, we’re glad she cleared that up.

Fret not, peeps! Hani is here to stay 🙂


Meanwhile, EXID recently released their second mini album “AH YEAH”. Be sure to show ’em girls some love!

Sources: Koreaboo, AKP, Soompi.

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