We’ve been chasing food trucks down for as long as we remember (30th September 2014).

So imagine our surprise when we discovered that there’s a food truck frenzy of a different kind happening as we speak!

Source: Guac’s Facebook page

The Kuala Lumpur Food Truck Feast/Festival (#KLFTF) recently kicked off in front of Panggung DBKL near Dataran Merdeka on 5th September. The festival, open twice a month (first and third weekend of every month), is “home” to about 16 food trucks that serve an array of awesome noms.

Check out the gallery below:

We pored over some pictures (as seen in the gallery above) that were shared by Facebook user Putri Juneita Johari and already, we’ve spotted some of our favourite food trucks (hello, Little Fat Duck!). Great food truck noms at super affordable prices in an awesome festival ambience all at one location? Yes please!

If you’re interested, the opening hours of the #KLFTF are as follows:

  • Saturday: 9pm – 1am
  • Sunday: 6:30am – 9:30am

The #KLFTF is located at Panggung DBKL. GPS coordinates here.

Kuala Lumpur Food Truck Feast
Source: Putri Juneita Johari

Note: Also, to anyone who would like details on how to participate in this FTF, please contact En Isham Ishak at mdisham.ishak@gmail.com.

Special thanks to Putri Juneita Johari for allowing us to use her pictures 🙂

Featured image from Guac’s Facebook page.