Beyond “lok lok”, “tau fu fa”, “pisang goreng”, and “cendol”, there are food trucks of a different kind. Taking a page from the “food on wheels” concept that we Malaysians are well accustomed to, a new trend have since sped its way into Klang Valley (notably Kuala Lumpur and Selangor) in the recent few months. Yes, it’s the cheaper-than-restaurant mobile vendors on wheels with grub such as Western and Italian, amongst others.

So, instead of braving the jam and trying to hunt down restaurants, these food trucks go to wherever the potential customers are. You could say that they’re right at the doorstep of popular haunts such as Damansara Heights or Subang Jaya. In fact, you might have seen them lurking in corners 😉

These are worth visiting, with friends or for solo dining purposes:


1. The Humble Chef

Popularly known as “the food truck over the bridge”, The Humble Chef usually parks itself at Pusat Bandar Damansara. More specifically, it’s located on the flyover over Jalan Damansara heading towards Sprint Highway. To get there, you just need to take the road that will lead you to McDonald’s and you’ll spot a small white van parked next to a row of tables. The Humble Chef serves pasta dishes (RM5), sandwiches (RM2.50), pitas (RM4), and omelettes (RM2.50). We know, right? Unbelievably cheap! Grab a table and enjoy.


Location: Jalan Damanseri, Pusat Bandar Damansara.
Opening Hours: 9:30pm till 12:30am daily except Sundays

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

2. Little Fat Duck

They’re called “Little Fat Duck” but don’t let that confuse you as they don’t actually serve any duck. However, their Chicken Confit (RM12) is pretty awesome. Located in Subang Jaya, Little Fat Duck promises healthy meals (their food is made without MSG), no frills as you nom, and best of all..everything is prepared fresh. The food truck surfaces on most nights at Subang’s bustling SS15, with offerings such as pastas (bolognese, carbonara, or aglio olio) as well as sides such as their mushroom soup (RM4), mashed potatoes (RM2), and homemade milk pudding (RM3). Soft drinks and iced lemon tea (RM2) are also available. Just keep a look out for a shiny black truck near Darussalam.

Location: SS15 in Subang Jaya (usually outside Public Bank)
Opening Hours: 8:30pm till midnight daily except Mondays


For more information, visit their Facebook page.

3. The Royal Post

What? A cafe on wheels? Yes, The Royal Post prides itself in being the first mobile espresso bar in town. While one would expect that they sell only coffee, which is not the wrongest assumption considering the fact that that’s the point of their business in the first place, The Royal Post now also offers a good selection of gourmet sandwiches and irresistible patisserie on board on top of your cup of latte (RM7.90) for the ride! In fact, they’ve been in such high demand that they’ve recently made stops at some major events including the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2013 and even FMFA. As they would say, “Traffic jam? No problem. We come to you!” Track them on their website here.

Location: Wisma Jerneh, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 7am till 7pm daily except weekends

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

4. SpagMe

If you’re planning to chase the SpagMe food truck down, let us just tell you that it’s gonna be easy peasy to do so. Mostly because the SpagMe food truck is cheerful, colourful, and pretty damn hard to miss. It’s usually parked at Jalan Dungun but at times the truck does pay a visit to Ampang’s Wisma MCA and occasionally Pusat Bandar Damansara. What do they offer, you ask? The best thing to order upon “catching” the truck would be their fried spaghetti! Prices start from as low as RM6:50 for spaghetti with egg, chicken sausage & ham (no pork here); RM9.50 with tempura fish; RM11.50 with chicken fillet; and RM17 with spicy lamb. There’s also a high chance that you might spot the SpagMe truck side-by-side with a pink-coloured juice truck called “OMFJ Oh My Fruit Juice”. Perfect for washing down your meal!


Location: Jalan Dungun, Wisma MCA, or Pusat Bandar Damansara
Opening Hours: 8am till 2:30pm daily except Sundays

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

5. La Famiglia

This is perhaps one of the only food trucks in Klang Valley that runs both for lunch and dinner. During the day, the La Famiglia mobile kitchen is mostly at Jalan Dungun. After which, it heads to SS15 in Subang Jaya for dinner. They’re known to whip up quite a killer selection of pastas, with prices tha trange between RM6.50 – RM8. Their priciest dish, “The Boss” comes with plenty of spaghetti topped off with a combo of carbonara and spaghetti sauce and tender chicken slices. They’ve also got pasta salad, seafood olio, tuna pesto, fries, wedges, dessert (cannoli), and their Italian soda on their menu. So good, you might want to chase them down at both the Jalan Dungun and Subang Jaya locations so that you can savour their pastas twice in a day!

Location: Jalan Dungun in Damansara Heights (day), SS15 in Subang Jaya (night)
Opening Hours: 11am till 2pm for lunch and 9pm till 1am for dinner daily except Sundays

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

6. Flaming Wheels

The Flaming Wheels is a purpose-built kitchen-on-wheels that delivers freshly-cooked food around Klang Valley. And not just any random “freshly-cooked food”, we’re talking gourmet meals! So gourmet, there’s a term for it – “bistronisation” of street food. The idea is to bring healthy, bistronised versions of selected local and international fare to the people that are prepared in their kitchen upon order. So, the next time the Flaming Wheels food truck is in your neighbourhood, be sure to try the chilli beef nachos which is a combo a combo of crispy corn tortilla chips, chilli beef, cheese sauce, guacamole and sour cream (RM8.90); the Moroccan lamb stew (RM12.90), and Zoran’s beef goulas (RM12.90). Best of all, their “fast food that isn’t fast food) comes in bio-degradable boxes and is halal. No wonder there’s always queue wherever they are!


Location: Track them here

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

7. The Burger Shop

Step aside, brick and mortar burger joints. A food truck boldly called, The Burger Shop is the latest burger talk of the town! For Subang-ites, the burger truck in SS15 probably isn’t a “new finding”, considering the fact that they were practically pioneers of the food truck craze. What truly sets The Burger Shop apart from the rest is the offering of various fillings. Their trademark is a generous dose of black pepper sauce that goes on every burger and we highly recommend you to try the beef burger special with that. You may also choose the mushroom sauce (which comes with actual mushroom sizes) over the black pepper sauce. The Burger Shop also has everything else (that’s sloppy but yummy) from the regular Ramli to hotdogs, as well as banjos and foldovers. Prices range from RM2.90 to RM5.90.


Location: Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya (outside the MPSJ market, down the street from Asia Cafe)
Opening Hours: 6pm till 4:30am daily except Sundays

8. Wheeloaf

At Wheeloaf, they’re dedicated towards baking the freshest and finest of gourmet pastries for your tastebuds to feast on. Unlike the typical food trucks, Wheeloaf introduces a truck complete with baking facilities as they aim to deliver premium bakery products of guaranteed high quality with the unique freshness from the oven in the truck. Upon finding their truck, you can expect a selection of freshly prepared pastry delights ranging from butter gipfels, hearty yet uncomplicated savoury snacks, crispy sweet pastries, and bread rolls in all shapes and sizes. Oh yes, they’ve even got sandwiches e.g. Grilled Chicken and Concasse, Gargasm Grilled Chicken, and Beef Pastrami made on the spot!

Location: Stalk their website for more info
Opening Hours: 7am till 5pm on weekdays, 7am till 7pm on weekends.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.


Curbside Cantina

As suggested by some of our readers, Curbside Cantina is one to check out! The vibrant vehicle is mostly expected in and around the KL area, and they serve mostly Mexican-influences recipes but with a twist. Imagine wolfing down some chilli con carne with papadums instead of the usual tortilla chips! We know, right? We hear that Curbside Cantina also serves up a pretty mean “cemita” burger (RM10) which is essentially a Mexican sandwich but yes, you guessed it, made into a burger comprising of chicken with avocado, cheese, and various herbs and spices. Needless to say, their menu is quite a decent selection of your not-so-ordinary comfort Mexican noms, if you dare try ’em 😉

The only problem with Curbside Cantina is that it’s often hard to locate and you can almost never tell if they’re “open” or around. Bummer! The only way to find out is to stalk them on Instagram.

Location: Uncertain
Opening Hours: Uncertain

Happy hunting, you guys!

If you’ve spotted any that aren’t in the above list, drop us a comment in the comments box below. We’d be happy to include it/those and also, chase ’em down with you 😉

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