One of the bands we’ve listed in local indie bands that you should look out for, Paperplane Pursuit, has just upped its rank with a brand new “pin” on the charts.

By charts, we mean Billboard!

Paperplane Pursuit Billboard


Paperplane Pursuit (vocalist and guitarist John O, drummer and percussionist Andrew, and guitarist Issac) has joined the league of international artistes such as Taylor Swift (for “Wildest Dreams“), Calvin Harris (for “How Deep Is Your Love“), Selena Gomez (for “Good For You“), Skrillex and Diplo ft. Justin Bieber (for “Where Are U Now”), and more with their song, “Feel Good“.

What, you don’t believe us? Check this out:

Paperplane Pursuit Billboard

Upon the announcement, the band said, “WE BROKE BILLBOARD! Call police and the fireman! Thanks to all your requests, we have just hit no.40 on the Billboard Top 40 Indicator Chart! We need you guys to keep requesting “Feel Good”, cos now we’re going head to head with big names like Taylor Swift, One Direction, The Weeknd, and more.”

A sign of bigger and better things to come for this seriously underrated Malaysian band? We think so! But you’ll need to keep requesting for “Feel Good” to give Paperplane Pursuit a little push 😉

Congrats, you guys!

For more information, hit up Paperplane Pursuit’s Facebook page.

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