Think you’ve heard (or rather, seen) enough of Selena Gomez yet? Think again! She has just released the official music video for her latest song, “Good For You” (with A$AP Rocky), and it features more of her than you can ever imagine.

“Good For You” is the first single off her upcoming album and it starts with a shot of the 22-year-old artiste on the ground in a plain white tee before switching to a shot of her lying seductively in a dress on a couch, and finally alternating to a shower scene where she strips down (but totally safe for work).

Selena Gomez Good For You


Pretty steamy, we must say.

In the song, Selena sings about wanting to “look good for you” and throughout the entire music video, she can be seen making plenty of eye contact. Oh you know, just looking effortlessly sexy and all that jazz. Just all in a day’s work for Selena, eh? 😉

Watch the music video here:

For more information on Selena Gomez, visit her website or her Facebook page.

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