You’ve heard the track, now watch Sports Illustrated bombshell Gigi Hadid (real name Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid) work it.

In case you missed it, the official music video for Calvin Harris’ latest collaboration, “How Deep Is Your Love”, has been released. Featuring, yes, Gigi.

Calvin Harris Gigi Hadid


The song itself has been an enormous success, debuting at #7 on the UK Singles charts.

Initially released as a TIDAL exclusive, the video has already been rampantly downloaded, screenshot-ted, and share everywhere else. Luckily, it also quickly made its way to Calvin Harris’ VEVO – because it might as well 🙂

“How Deep Is Your Love” features Gigi Hadid and rumour has it that she’s supposed to represent Taylor Swift, although we can’t understand why. In the music video, Gigi is seen confused and disjointed, waking up in an unknown place, and trying to find her way through crowds and stumbling around in some dimly-lit places. It’s not the least bit romantic whatsoever (unlike Calvin’s relationship with Tay Tay) but it sure as heck is trippy.

We’d still watch it a few times over because Gigi is sizzling hot in it!



For more information on Calvin Harris, hit up his website or Facebook page.

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