Time and time again, cute Korean internet sensation DJ Soda (real name Hwang So Hee) has mesmerised fans wherever she’s invited to play, be in broad daylight at an event or after hours in a club.

She’s bright, she’s energetic, she’s curious, and she exudes the sort of charm that most DJs (nevermind male or female) seriously lack.

Source: DJ Soda's Instagram
Source: DJ Soda’s Instagram

If you’ve seen videos of her live sets or if you’ve managed to watch her play live, you’d know that she’s capable of mesmerising the audience by mixing different genres of music with a variety of hip hop classics and is constantly communicating with the audience by energising them with her enigmatic personality.


But how much do you really know about her?

We know that she first embarked on a journey becoming a world class DJ in 2013, after giving up her musical acting to focus on becoming a DJ. And that her background in stage performances aided her signature dance move, “The Flute Dance”, which instantly went viral and accumulated millions of views on social network sites.

And that’s about it.

Luckily, we got to speak to DJ Soda real quick when she was in town for a Gravity Club KL gig recently. We got to know her better via our exclusive interview and we’re sure you will too 😉

Here’s what went down:

Welcome back to Malaysia! You were just here a couple of months ago. What do you remember most about the crowd?

The crowd is always amazing in Malaysia, which ever city I go to. I enjoy playing my set much more when people are dancing and partying with me rather than filming.


We heard that you were actually training to become a musical actress. What made you switch to DJing?

Switching to DJing was probably the most difficult, yet obvious decisions I had to make. I enjoyed DJing far more than anything else, so I decided to do what makes me happy.

Source: DJ Soda's Instagram
Source: DJ Soda’s Instagram

As for the genre that you choose to play during your sets, is it your personal favourite?

Even at EDM oriented clubs, I try to play as much hip hop as possible. Hip hop has been my favorite genre every since I was a child.

How are you dealing with the fame?

Fame is still such a new concept to me 😛 I struggle with things written about me that are false or comments that are completely wrong. But on the other hand, through the love and support of my fans, I can play at a global level and spread more happiness through my sets!

In your opinion, what are some of the challenges that you face being a female DJ? Do you think that female DJs aren’t taken seriously?

Definitely many women DJs aren’t taken seriously, but this applies to all other fields of work. Many people think I’m faking my sets. But really, who cares? I am very good on both turn-tables and decks without using a laptop. People who judge and talk will find any excuse to put others down. Maybe some are fake and maybe they aren’t, I just hope fellow female DJs aren’t put down by this and just enjoy what they do!

Source: DJ Soda's Instagram
Source: DJ Soda’s Instagram

What’s a normal, non-working day like for DJ Soda? What do you do in your free time?

These days, I’ve been focusing all of my free time on my first album, and things pertaining to it. I like to take part in the whole process!

Have you ever had any funny or crazy fan moments that you can share with us?

My signature dance to Red Foo’s “New Thang” is called the flute dance in Korea. During a set a fan held a recorder up for me right before my dance! I incorporated it into my dance and people went crazy! Such a memorable experience 🙂

If you weren’t a DJ, what do you think you would most likely be doing?

I would be in a field that works close with music. I could be musical acting or studied hard to be a music therapist? Who knows!

Source: DJ Soda's Instagram
Source: DJ Soda’s Instagram

Last but not least, leave a shoutout for your Malaysian fans 🙂

Dear Malaysia, I honestly wouldn’t be able to achieve so much without your love and support. You are definitely one of my favorite countries to visit or play a set at. I won’t let you down and will always strive to provide you with more contents and energetic mix sets!

Thank you so much for the chat, DJ Soda! And thanks to our awesome friends at Gravity Club KL for making this interview happen 🙂

For more information, hit up her Facebook page. DJ Soda is also on Instagram and Twitter so remember to follow her!

All images from DJ Soda’s Instagram.

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