The recent MTV Video Music Awards (MTV VMA) was so epic, it left plenty of room for people to talk about it. From Kanye West’s dream of running for president, to Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift’s surprise duet, the awards more than surprised us this year.

What made it even more legendary was Justin Bieber‘s comeback gig, which marked the first time he was performing at the VMAs in 5 whole years. At the end of his performance, he broke down in tears.

Justin Bieber Cries 2015 MTV VMA


In not so many words, it looked like the 21-year-old singer was just overwhelmed. But when the crying started, the interwebs exploded into a blaze of questions.

Things have not been easy for Justin Bieber, having grown up in the limelight and in the prying eyes of the paparazzi. From the moment he debuted in 2008 until the recent years, he has gained as many fans internationally as he has acquired haters/enemies. Not so long ago, Jon Bon Jovi called him an a**hole, og boyband BSB have stepped up to say that they want to offer the poor kid some advise, the police have arrested him for DUI, amongst other things.

Justin Bieber Lashes Out

Life certainly hasn’t been easy for the child star.

Just a little earlier this year, Justin Bieber appeared on The Ellen Show and publicly admitted that growing up was hard for him. It marked his first official TV appearance in a long time, and it left him feeling both nervous as well as emotional.

Fast forward to a couple of months later, he breaks down after his performance at the 2015 MTV VMAs.

The Canadian pop star began his performance with “Where Are U Now” the upbeat dance track produced by Diplo and Skrillex, and then moved on to his new single, “What Do You Mean?

After a dramatic solo entrance in silhouette, Bieber blazed through the tracks and some tight choreography before the room went black, and the star reemerged in a single cone of light to fly high above the stage. Then, he returned to the ground winded and moved to tears.

According to a source close to Bieber, who spoke to Gossip Cop:

He worked so hard not just on the performance but himself. He didn’t know how people would accept him. When he saw them on their feet cheering, he was overwhelmed.

The source also noted, “Last time he was on an award show he was booed. This time he was cheered for. It meant a lot to him.”

His reps have yet to comment on the breaking down situation but Justin later took to Twitter to thank his fans for all the love before officially unveiling the music video for “What Do You Mean?”

He wrote:

Aww. Welcome back, Justin Bieber.

Source: HuffPost Ent.

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