One should never piss the lighting guy off and one DJ just learnt that the hard way.

As most clubbers may know, what makes a good DJ set is not just good music and great interaction with the crowd, it’s also the lights. The lights (strobes, burners, spotlights) set the mood and will more often than not contribute greatly to the overall vibe during a DJ’s set – especially if it’s in a club.

Ultra Music Festival Korea


But even if Tomorrowland or Ultra had no great lighting or lasers (as seen in the picture above), just the DJs and massive speakers, the experience would be pretty dull too.

This is ever so true if you’re playing music that has got just beats and not much else.

In a YouTube video shared by RevoltDynasty, one DJ had revenge served in his face in the most embarrassing way possible. Apparently, the (name undisclosed) DJ was rude to the lighting tech before the show. His rudeness resulted in the lighting guy killing the lights except for a single spotlight just when the music hits its peak.

Hilarity ensued.


Moral of the story? Don’t piss the lighting guy off!

Sources: Unilad, YourEDM.

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